Where the heck is the crashed plane???

#31cordialWombatPosted 9/9/2011 12:14:39 PM

the plane IS on another map. you don't get to the jungle map until after you get to the city map. just keep playing. the game isn't really clear on this, but you'll get there.
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To the person who asked for LOST references...

Besides Oceanic airlines having crashed a plane in the jungle... on a desert island.

The Doctor is also call Jack.
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Any of you LOST fans play Just Cause 2? There is an island with a bunch of LOST references. I've never seen the show, but my friend recognized a bunch of stuff. It has the hatch in the ground and probably some other stuff, just YouTube it.
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nayrnyc posted...
So I still haven't found the plane, but I scoured the entire island and I've come across survivors that I missed the first few times I explored. I think I have to complete 'Ashes To Ashes' to finish chapter 2, problem is that quest is marked 'Very Hard' and I'm playing solo and I need back up asap. I have to wait until some folks I know get it tomorrow.
Other than that, the game is rad. Screw Eurogamer & Destructoid for their crappy reviews. Yes the game can be glitchy as far as graphics, but that's just here and there. Gameplay, exploring the open world & levelling up is absolutely addicting fun and I would recommend it to everyone.

Ashes to Ashes is not that tough of a quest, just bring some cocktails, I finished it at a rather early level.
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you cannot get to the plane until act 3 i heard, so dont even try, i had the same problem and wanted to finish the quest (for the 3500 exp) but i found out you cant get to it, so dont look for it. just finish act 1 then go to the big city, once u get to the city the game gets 1000x better fyi :D
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So it looks like nobody here has even made it to the jungle yet.

There are 3 acts in the game: Island, Town, Jungle.

You are able to do the crashed plane side quest once you are in the jungle like I am.
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Oceanic is just the general company that crashed planes in movies, tv, and now apparently video games. It's used in many different stories, Lost was not the first nor the last to use Oceanic.
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Just want to say that while this probably IS a nod to Lost, Oceanic Air is a very popular fictional airline that has been in a number of TV Shows and movies throughout the years.

Lost and Executive Decision are probably the two most known ones.