How do you complete Seek 'N' Loot

#1weitzgrPosted 9/7/2011 4:54:25 PM
I went to the two gas stations and loaded up the truck with four boxes of juice even though you only need two. I then drove back to the Lifeguard station to drop of the juice and complete the quest but Sinamoi will not talk to me and my quest marker is telling me to go back to the gas station I already went to. I drive back and put another juice container in the truck and take it back to the Lifeguard station and the same damn thing happens. I am thinking broken quest and broken game. I have already tried reloading. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
#2virus1200Posted 9/7/2011 5:02:16 PM
I went through the same thing. When you get back to the lifeguard station carry the juice in the garage to the right of the workbench in the opposite corner there will be a place to put them down.
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#3Dtld9Posted 9/7/2011 5:03:01 PM
Did you take the juice out of the truck an put them inthe highlighted spots?
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#4weitzgr(Topic Creator)Posted 9/7/2011 5:11:17 PM
Thanks for the help guys! That was it. The problem was that I looked for the dropoff points prior to carrying the juice. This type of quest structure sucks. Hopefully they will correct everything in a patch ASAP.