Sharp Blunt or Firearms?

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5 years ago#1
Which is better or do you prefer?
5 years ago#2
depends on your character... each has skill trees for a specific weapon... I went with blunt since I played through with Sam B
5 years ago#3
Being Logan, I can choose anyone I wish. n_n ... Just gonna throw them at people anyway.

Except the firearm. Though I think that should be an option when out of bullets as well.
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5 years ago#4
Sharp. Just because of axes.
Blood in the ink
5 years ago#5
I use Logan as well

I prefer sharp, but I always keep a hammer/sledgehammer on standby...the force from a sledge can knock several zombies on their rears

I try to save my guns for looters...usually 1 shot to their head puts em down
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5 years ago#6
Well because you can choose which character you want then you must like a particular weapon to the one you want then you probably pick a character because of the weapon. I like Sharp for Logan because it sticks into enemies! and a thug filled with machetes is funny.
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