Titus Andronicus Glitch??

#1veritas3777Posted 4/17/2012 4:32:22 PM
Curious if anyone else has had trouble with 'Titus Andronicus?' It is the first main quest of Act IV in the prison. Basically, I went to the prison and it warned me that once I left I couldn't come back. Upon arriving at the prison I got a checkpoint immediately of course and I then quit and turned off the game. Today when I started I was back in the jungle and I can't figure out how to get to the prison again. Titus Andronicus is on my quest list but when I select it it gives me no quest info and no map marker, everything is blank. I went back to the room in the lab where the radio is to get to the prison and Yemena is standing there but I can't do anything or talk to her. I have finished up a few side quests but can't figure out what to do. I'm not supposed to be back on the island once I've left for the prison, right? Is this a glitch? Thanks for any help!!
#2SilentLonerPosted 4/17/2012 4:34:41 PM
The quest you're currently tracking will determine where you'll start when you load the game, so it's possible to glitch your way back onto the island this way. However, you should be able to fast travel back to the prison canteen.
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#3veritas3777(Topic Creator)Posted 4/17/2012 4:39:59 PM
Thanks, I actually checked already, I can't fast travel back to the prison. Haha I may be stuck on this damn island forever...
#4SilentLonerPosted 4/17/2012 4:40:49 PM
Do you have the latest patch? Maybe try tracking the main quest and loading from the last checkpoint.
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#5veritas3777(Topic Creator)Posted 4/17/2012 4:43:40 PM
Hmm I tried loading from the checkpoint. In when I track Titus it automatically switches me back to my most recent side quest. It won't even recognize Titus. Maybe I should finish everything else and see, I only have a couple unfinished side quests that I didn't care about. Not sure about the patch, wouldn't it update automatically on the 360?
#6SilentLonerPosted 4/17/2012 4:46:40 PM
It would only update if your Xbox is actually connected to the internet. If you can't download the patch, then I'm not sure what other options you have if you can't join a game online to get back to the Prison... It's definitely possible to fast travel to the prison with the latest patch.
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#7veritas3777(Topic Creator)Posted 4/17/2012 4:55:55 PM
OK I'll check it out, thanks for the advice. That's actually a pretty good idea, I may be able to join a game on the quest.
#8veritas3777(Topic Creator)Posted 4/17/2012 5:08:17 PM
And yeah I'm connected to live constantly but there's definitely no fast travel to the prison. I don't remember the game ever updating though so maybe I don't have the patch. I'll have to see if there is a manual download or something. Sheesh. Anyway, Witcher 2 is calling my name, I just wanted to finish DI first.
#9DrNewcensteinPosted 4/18/2012 1:05:05 AM
Maybe go back to the boat?
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#10veritas3777(Topic Creator)Posted 4/18/2012 3:59:58 AM
Yeah I went to the boat, the only option there was to go back to the jungle from the lab. I double checked to make sure I couldn't fast travel back to the prison, too...
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