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4 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

I haven't played since September, and am happy to see that they implemented some new patches to improve game play stability, etc.

My main question is about cooperative play and challenge XP. I started this game from the very beginning with my girlfriend. We have relatively always been the same level (+/- half a level), since we only play together. However, after we started up again today, I am already almost 2 levels above her, because I have completed some challenges. I can only see this gap continue to grow, simply because she uses strictly only Blunt Weapons with her Rage (Sam B), while I am playing Purna and have actively been using all sorts of weapons, etc. Thus, my question is, what happens to our experience as the gap continues to widen? IE, will the enemies be MY level or HER level? I'm also guessing I will receive more Quest XP and better Rewards, since I am higher level?

Also, a side question, I read on here that the last patch fixed the crashing issue related to having too many items. Does this mean that it cannot happen at all anymore? I saw that Jin has a 150 item limit (don't remember seeing that exact amount 7 months ago), does that mean 150 individual stacks of items, or does a single stack of 10 Alcohol count as 10 items?

Thank you in advance.
4 years ago#2
By default, each enemy is scaled to each player separately, meaning an enemy that is level 15 to you can be level 13 to her. It's possible to turn this option off, though I'm not sure exactly how that would affect their levels. If you started this playthrough after downloading the last patch, then the XP rewards from quests will always scale to your level. If you're at a higher level, then you'll get more XP from quests.

You can have up to 150 stacks of items in Jin's storage, with each stack only taking up one slot. Also, you can stack up to 9999 of each miscellaneous item now, if I remember correctly.
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4 years ago#3

Also, each type of explosive item will max at 30, then it will make a new stack if you make more.

4 years ago#4

Thank you for your responses.

Turned it off on her console last night, and indeed all the enemies are now my level.
4 years ago#5
Hey guys,

Instead of making a new thread figured I'd ask my question here:

Is the "There and Back Again" achievement reset on new playthroughs? Or if I'm missing a handful I can simply grab those in NG+?

Thank you.
4 years ago#6
I'm pretty sure you can get it over multiple playthroughs.
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4 years ago#7
i can confirm that you can get it in multiple playthroughs. and you can get it in someone elses game. i was on my 2nd file and i joined a friends and it popped somewhere in the jungle (like the overpass camp or something)
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4 years ago#8

Thank you for your responses.

I actually finished it in the Prison before the end of the game. I originally did not think I was going to get it because I was reading through threads, and stumbled across the "Uninvited Guests" quest, and in one of the threads someone mentions that you have to enter that home to get a "There and Back Again" point. Since I never did that quest, I thought I was out of luck since I was already in the Prison, but it ended up popping right before the last portion of the Prison.

Is there anything different in starting a new game with your character? If I recall correctly, everything is the same except now the enemies are higher level. Are they just my level, or do they scale higher? Also, do quests give more XP Reward accordingly? And any new mods?
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