How to copy a card??

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User Info: potipao

9 years ago#1

How to copy a card??

User Info: bozz514

9 years ago#2

what to know?
QQ more

User Info: TomoEK9

9 years ago#3
go away, no one will tell you either because:
1. they dont know
2. they do know but they don't want a n00b like you getting their hands on something like that

User Info: Peytral

9 years ago#4
use a photocopier
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User Info: iluvuuu

9 years ago#5
lick your balls if you have any

User Info: bozz514

9 years ago#6
come on guys.. lets be civil here..

just because he is intellectually deficient doesnt mean we should be bashing him

User Info: Serpent Snake

Serpent Snake
9 years ago#7
You need to bring a laptop to your arcade, plugin USB cable, ask the attendant to borrow the Maximum Tune 3 GD-ROM onto your laptop's DVD-ROM. Search under folder "Card Profile". Copy all the files to your Card drive (attached to your USB cable.) The data size is around 1,337gb.
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User Info: Raydere

9 years ago#8
This topic sucks and is now about the endless cheat for cloned 800HP/B cards.

To get an 800HP/B card you must first train on Mount Fuji for 7 years, then...
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User Info: bozz514

9 years ago#9
then you end your life

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