Here are a few starting build orders

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Since a lot of people had trouble with Builds on Tiberium Wars and this game is much harder I figured I would share a couple of build orders. I am not the best or anything but I was in the top 100 for ranked versus on the last game. First off unless there is a patch of blue tiberium to start off with DONT build a crane. The economy is a lot different in this game, it is weaker, harder to sustain and harvesters are very weak. You will be early prey in the first 2 minutes if you aren't building correctly. For anyone who has ever been killed by only three attack bikes before this is for you. The reason the economy is so weak is because harvesters hold 35-40% less tiberium Green now only holds 1400 instead of 2400 and Blue only holds 2800 instead of 4800. You can just barely get away with building like you would on Tiberium Wars with blue tiberium at the start because its double the money but any map that is mainly green tiberium you should use one of the following.

Build order 1: Build a powerplant then a barracks, build an engineer and send it to the nearest spike along with a rifle squad to protect it. Then build a refinery, then a warfactory and make two harvesters. After that start up another refinery and then build additional power. Build a second war factory and get out around ten tanks as well as a few rocket sqauds. From here you need to start slowing down production and branch out, open a base at a nearby tiberium field with a surveyor or move your MCV if it isn't too far.

Build order 2: If no spikes are nearby then dont bother with a barracks right away, build a refinery power plant then a war factory, make two harvesters and then put out another war factory. Build additional power and a barracks if you would like. Same thing as the above build from here on out, now get units to protect yourself early on or to harass your opponent, again branch out from here because you will need additional resources if you want to get more expensive units and start to tech up.

Gone are the days of quickly building up a massive economy and teching up right away or anything like that. The game has been slowed way down and early game units are very important. Your starting build order should be one of the two you see above, they make it so you can get units out quickly while having a decent economy for the next step in your plans.
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Gone are the days of quickly building up a massive economy and teching up right away or anything like that. The game has been slowed way down and early game units are very important.

I like the sound of that.

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thanks for the advice. i was ranked 41 in the previous cnc and i completely agree that the building order is suppose to be a lot different. ur tips sounds great im gonna give that a try next game
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And people wonder why all the games online seem alike
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Oh and destined I am not sure what you mean, a good match consists of two people having a near identical build to ensure fairness but its all how you play it from there that decides the game, nothing wrong with using a good build if it works. All good players used near identical builds on TW.
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I just thought of a pretty good shadow team build for NOD, here it is.

Build a power plant then a barracks, build an engineer if a spike is available and send it out. Forgo the rifleman to escort it if it is a nearby spike because you need to conserve money, but if its a neutral spike you better protect your investment. Next build a secret shrine and start building a refinery. use the shadow team power to get two shadow teams then build two more from the barracks. Sell the barracks and shrine to get back money and to get a fifth shadow team to add to your four from the shrine. Five is enough to take out refineries war factories and even a tech center I do believe. Put down your refinery when finished and then build two harvesters out of your warfactory that your building next. You may need a short while for your funds to accumulate but then get up another refinery and then proceed play like normal.

Shadow teams have been called cheap in the past but its counter is a lot easier on your opponents wallet, all you need is one or two raider buggies and an attack bike to stop it dead in its tracks.