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Anyone find it hard to acquire money? (Archived)xIDarKProoFIx66/25/2008
You guys know a game that's better than this? (Archived)
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Still a 1 unit spam fest or did they do something? (Archived)zinngg56/25/2008
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Did They Fix Base Building? (Archived)
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Favorite new unit? (Archived)WhiteMorpheus26/25/2008
Did you hear of the new "Epic Units"? (Archived)
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Whats the little blue face(i think) mean on the control screen? (Archived)Destined4Greatn56/25/2008
I have never been a fan of the Nod Campaigns, but so far, pretty damn good (Archived)Destined4Greatn16/25/2008
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Does anybody know if Walmart puts new releases out at Midnight (Archived)Destined4Greatn56/24/2008
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I'm more convinced than ever they need to make a Scrin expansion (Archived)Destined4Greatn26/24/2008
how many new units? lots? few? (Archived)Mtpgamer86/24/2008
kane's challenge ! (Archived)elitekilla21326/24/2008
did they fix the game-killing "engineer glitch" in this game? (Archived)Mtpgamer56/24/2008
Avatar/purifier how do they fare compared to the mammoth tank and tripod (Archived)nighthawkmk246/24/2008
Achievement not unlocking. (Archived)WhiteMorpheus26/24/2008