Bus Driver = Roman Bellic.

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7 years ago#1
Just acknowledging another Gearbox ripoff of another company.

(I love the hell outta this game, even if it is just 5 games combined.)
"I lost control of my mind's tention span after reading that post." - MatrixSpidey42
7 years ago#2
Yes it is. Fatty Roman. However, I think it must've been on purpose, there's so many things like that in this game.
Plastic Kneecaps
7 years ago#3
lol i missed that one, did you catch the bobblehead on the bus as well?
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7 years ago#4
yea, it definetely is roman invaded by aliens brought to a distant planet with a gold tooth driving a bus instead of a cab.... no sarcasm intended
like a boss
-- gt: portgaplaya
7 years ago#5
OMG you're right!! I knew he looked familiar.
Gamertag: Damage2024
7 years ago#6
You know thats seriously funny cause I bought the game and brought it to my brother-in-laws house to show him and I said look at this the Bellics left GTA for the wastland. Funny you said it.
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7 years ago#7
Now Rockstar's lawyers who troll this forum are going to sue Gearbox.

Way to go dude.... way to go....
U r Brane Splode'd!
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