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7 years ago#1
Hey, thanks in advance but where's the SMG sight? I found everything else fine.
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7 years ago#2
3. Scavenger: Submachine Gun [SCAV4]

a. Quest Message:
New Haven Bounty Board
Find all of the submachine gun parts.
SMG Body: 0/1
SMG Magazine: 0/1
SMG Sight: 0/1
SMG Barrel: 0/1
There are components to a submachine gun scattered around. If you find all of these components, I can reassemble
the weapon for you. Bring my the Body, Cylinder, Sight, and Barrel.

b. Note: You can see in the quest message that they are requesting you find the cylinder for this SMG, but I am assuming that this is just a copy/paste error. The text is nearly verbatim.

c. Locations:
This hunt takes place in THE RUST COMMONS WEST. If you look at your map, the waypoint is located in the south part of the map. There are two ways to get to this point from the north. One is heavily guarded by bandits, the other way is heavily guarded by annoying turrets. Take your pick. The area is a little bandit encampment, right next to this area's entertainment arena (the quest one, not the multiplayer one). Again, take out those Bandits!

i. SMG Barrel: Visible from the entrance to this area on the east side, the Barrel is atop the big container on the left (oriented facing west). You should be able to jump from the ground and collect it.

ii. SMG Magazine: In the middle of this encampment, there is a tire lying on the ground behind a green tarp-covered crate. The Magazine is in this tire.

iii. SMG Body: Just North of the tire is a blue, grey and brown house. The Body is on the first floor roof, the green beam being visible from the ground. To get to it, you should be able to jump and hit X to collect. Otherwise, run through the gate towards the vending machines and hang a quick right up the hill. Another right puts you above the house where you can drop down to collect the piece.

iv. SMG Sight: Get back atop the house vie the method used above. instead of dropping down, continue East and you should see a half-arch with the sight on it. Get jumping and collect your reward.

from the FAQ im writing...
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7 years ago#3
Thanks. Good job too (:
People are afraid of what they don't understand.
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