Possible to move character from one GT to another?

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7 years ago#1
My friend and I werent thinking when we made our guys, hes 20 and Im 36 and we both want to keep our characters and play together but we are on the same GT...is it possible to move a charaxter to a new GT if we make one?
7 years ago#2
i do not think so.

if need be, i can lvl your new toon to meet your friends lvl if you want.
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7 years ago#3
I might take you up on it if I cant end up moving it...
7 years ago#4
You might be able to if you have a memory card, save character to the memory card bring it to the second GT, load up borderlands see what happens I'm not sure if it will work but its possible
7 years ago#5
7 years ago#6
i think you can but ive heard that microsoft made it that you swicth your profile you originaly saved the game to another gametags prevants you from getting any further achivements as long as you stay in the profile ......so I hear
7 years ago#7
w/e i dont care about the achievements...how do you move it though?
7 years ago#8
out top my head ill say copy your saved game to memory card log out and sign in to your other gamertag im wonderig why does it matter on which profile you play care to answer --...
7 years ago#9
Your better off having that one person help power level your new character. You would need two hard drives I believe. Copy the GT from the main hardrive to a memory card, then switch hardrives. Put the GT from the memory card to the other hardrive. When you put the other hardrive with the game files back in, you will see it says something like, "Unknown Owner", or something like that. This being because the GT isn't on the memory card or the main hardrive. Then I think you log in with a different GT, and hit copy on the file to take claim of it. Of course, you can't get any more achievements though.

Like I said, your better off having someone PL you another character and you and your friend play off your file and catch up to where you are.
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7 years ago#10
it matters because if you want to play split screen together, you need to have your characters on seprate GTs
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