Secret Claptrap in Fyrestone and how to get to it.

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As most of us know, there is a green Claptrap behind marcus's shop on a cliff in Fyrestone. But how to get to him is impossible, so they say. A few minutes ago me and my brother were playing in Fyrestone with and decide to get to the Claptrap, and we did! Amazing yes I know! Here are the directions on how to get to him!

1. GET A MODDED WEAPON- This is easy if your friend is a cheap no life modder, but if he is not it wil be hard to get one. Just go to online and join a game, everyone pretty much has atleast one modded weapon so you will be able to get one quick. Now which modded weapon to get? Get a super fast shooting shotgun or a super fast shooting sniper rifle.

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It worked! Thanks man.
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2. GET A FRIEND- You need atleast 2 people for this to work, get one from online or invite a friend over. Give him your modded gun that shoots super fast. I know you don't want to give it up but you will have to for now.

3. LAUNCHING YOURSELF TOT HE CLAPTRAP- This may take a couple of tries but you will eventually get to him. Now listen to the next few words very carefully. First go to the right side of Marcus's shop, there you will find to pipes that look like stairs. Jump on the short one and then the tall one, then you will find a little platform when you turn to your left. Jump to it, and make sure you help your friend get up there too! Once you are on the roof ask your friend to duel. Once you guys are in Duel Mode do not kill each other!

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Here is some steps to get in position when you get on top of the roof ( Must be in Duel Mode):

1. Whoever is holding the modded weapon crouch down
2. Stand in front of the person who is hold the modded weapon (in a position in where you are looking down at him)
3. (Do this quickly!) The guy who isnt holding the modded weapon jump in the air.
4. While he is in the air, the guy with the gun shoots him.
5. The guy who jumped goes MEGA high all the way to the sky!
6. The guy that gets launch must land where the claptrap is (there is an invisible wall, to keep launching until you get high enough)

You won't get it on your first try to keep trying! You got to the Claptrap! Now it is your turn to taunt the Claptrap! Good luck to all! Enjoy!

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Come under my wing and I shall show you the ways of the Enclave.
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easier way: use a normal grenade with no mod on it. just do a conc jump.

no modded weapons needed, no help needed, no complicated planning.