Borderlands - FAQ - *Please read before asking*

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This is just an FAQ I put together to answer the ridiculous amount of the same frequent questions here. I have fixed all typos and have edited it a bit.


Q: Should I buy this game?
A: I can't tell you off the top of my head if you're going to love it or hate it.
So I'm going to explain the general jist of the game:

It's mainly an FPS with RPG elements in it.
Don't be expecting a story, because it has little to none. The basic aim of the game for the player's sake is to get the best of the best guns and items. There are hundreds of quests but don't go thinking these are in-depth either as there isn't a lot of difference between them, though still quite enjoyable.
The game takes place in a dangerous and desert-like planet known as Pandora. The player takes the role of a 'Vault Hunter' to set off and discover a secret Vault which apparently contains riches of anyone's desire.

Q: I heard this is similar to Fallout 3, is it?
A: Although both are set in a wasteland of some sort, both games are really nothing alike. Fallout 3 has a very in-depth storyline and keeps to more of an RPG than an FPS. Fallout 3's quests are also very extensive and have a massive range of items while in Borderlands, the only items you'll use are guns, shields and COMs. Fallout 3 has a dirty, stale and grimy environment while Borderlands is dry, rocky and dusty. Both also have that 'never safe' element in it. The trivial reference of both games is likewise similar to each other. To put it simply, Fallout 3 is and RPG game while Borderlands uses guns as the objective making it an all-round FPS.

Q: Is there really billions of different types of guns?!
A: Borderlands has a unique weapons randomization system which claims you 'will probably never find the same gun twice'.
While this is generally true, a weapon could look exactly the same but its statistics could differentiate by merely 2 or 3.
Damage of Gun 1: 100
Damage of Gun 2: 109

The above example would be considered two different guns.

Q: What is Playthrough 2/2.5?
A: Playthrough 2 is the repeat of the game after the completion of
Playthrough 1. It is much harder as the enemies become the same level upon starting but more rewarding due to the rare drops of each enemy.
Everything is reset and so you have to go through the story again, though you still keep you guns from the first Playthrough.

Playthrough 2.5 is the name given to the completion of Playthrough 2. By this time, the only thing that has changed is enemies, which will be levels 49-51.
Take note that the story or anything else is NOT reset.

Q: What is farming?
A: Farming is the process in which players run around and open weapons chests to try and obtain rare guns. They then exit and reopen the game to start again. The best places for this are New Haven and The Crimson Lance.

Q: What is duping?
A: Duping is when players duplicate items in order to not trade and give away that gun.
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Q: Help! I have this weird bobblehead shield and I can't drop it!
A: If you have this item, you've just been another victim of another modder.
Do the following to get rid of the item:

1.) Unequip shield (Click A on Modded Shield) .
2.) Unequip regular shield (it will be under the modded one) .
3.) Scroll to the bottom of the inventory and click Y on modded shield to drop it.
4.) Save and Quit.

Note: Sometimes you might have to press A multiple times to unequip as there may be copies of that shield.

Q: I haven't found any rare/orange weapons yet. Where are they!?
A: Remember, loot is random. You're just having bad luck. If you're on Playthrough 1, it is harder to come across orange weapons, so go start Playthrough 2 and you're bound to find some. Also try farming in New Haven.

Check out the link below for a reference for rare items:!%29

Q: How can I get the 5 extra Backpack SDUs in Playthrough 2?
A: In Playthrough 2, you have a chance to get 5 Storage Deck Upgrades (located in Safe House, The Lost Cave, New Haven, Tetanus Warren and Scrapyard). It's possible to get these SDUs but most of the time you'll get a Grenade Mod.
In order to get the bonus 5 SDUs, do the following:

1.) Activate quest.
2.) Find the repair kit.
3.) Find a save location (so that you can easily try again without having to get the kit again).
4.) Go repair Claptrap.
5.) If you don't get an SDU then sign out (signing out is faster).
6.) Repeat steps 4 and 5 untill you get the SDU.
-Thanks from ryan0991

Q: If I have no skill points in a skill for my build, will a COM that boosts that skill still work?
A: No. You need at least 1 skill point for that skill to work and for a COM that boots that skill to work.

Q: If I have a skill maxed out 5/5, will a COM that boosts that skill still work?
A: Yes. Say if a COM boosts a skill by 3 points, and I have it maxed 5/5. It will be added on making it 8/5. Take not that this doesn't show up physically in your skill tree, though it's still takes effect.
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Thanks! I've fixed the typos and edited it a bit.
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