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6 years ago#1
I wanna collect the very best, like noone ever could,
to find them is my real test, to fire them is my cause,
I will travel across the land, even if i get bored,
each gun and mod to understand, the elemental that's inside!!!

Its you and me,
I'll loot your gun if i please,
Oh your my gun,
in a world we must loooot,
Our fire is true,
Our corrosive will pull us through,
You trade me then i'll leave the game
Gotta collect them all!!

(Sung to the tune of Pokemon)

I know i already posted this in another topic, but i wanted it to be seen by the masses!! or at least that dude next door...
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6 years ago#2
*Walks next door*
Dude i already said something about this! Ima not post about it again.....
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6 years ago#3

Too 500
Welcome to Gamefaqs where Opinion is Fact
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6 years ago#4
I did lol. D:
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6 years ago#5
ha that would be awesome
6 years ago#6
Haha awesome. Original/10
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6 years ago#7
lol... someone should make a youtube vid and sing this.
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6 years ago#8
Epic 10/10
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6 years ago#9
Give me that minute of my life back, please.
6 years ago#10
Did it really took you a minute to read this?
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