Completing the armory, expose munitions.

#1coolguy_zanePosted 3/9/2010 3:36:30 PM
Everytime I make it into the armory I try finding the munitions so I can get the expose munitions checked off however I have yet to been able to find them. I turned off the PS3 so it wouldnt save and glitch me out of it but I honestly have no idea where the quest part is. I see the diamond on the map but is it on the 2nd floor ( the one you originally enter on), 1st floor which is the basement, or the 3rd floor which would be on the top of the armor I've crossed a bridge on the 3rd floor but maybe I missed a turn because it didnt lead me anywhere. All I can find on youtube are videos on how to glitch into the armory not actually complete the quest so any info would be appreciated.

Cliff notes: I don't know where the check point for "expose munitions" is and would like some help as to where its hiding at.
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#2shadekorPosted 3/9/2010 4:38:55 PM
its a glowing part on the Lift.
right before you take the lift down into the armory
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