"What a party!" achievement help.

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5 years ago#1
I was wondering where the best place to get the pizzas for this achievement would be? I've tried farming the MINAC, but after 4 hours (and this being the 2nd playthrough, doing all of Tanis's quests), I still didn't have the 15 pizzas required. I have all of the other collection achievements from Claptrap.

5 years ago#2

These quests were bugged from what i heard im suprised some people were able to complete any of these, i was only able to get the 3d glasses one. As for the one your looking for check this link for info on the drop rate of it, im pretty sure your not gonna be to happy about it.


5 years ago#3
They were bugged, but the patch fixed that. Didn't improve the abysmal drop rates, unfortunately.
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