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StickyScavenger Quest Piece Locations - A Definitive Guide *keep bumped/sticky* (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
The Overlooked: Medicine Man side mission is glitched (Archived)nigmal35/26 10:49AM
Crawmerax Help Request! (Archived)Moothy1535/17 8:50PM
Siren build with mordicai (Archived)savagetvfan34/9 7:39PM
I think I might have completed the quest "Sledge: The Mine Key" twice (Archived)galfasanta111132/17 12:09PM
borderlands GOTY (Archived)kain61131/11 12:16AM
Permanent daylight? (Archived)samperiharja112/20 4:27AM
Borderland, Co-op, Steam and Mac (Archived)reaver894512/2 7:55AM
If One Kills Crawmerax At Level 44... (Archived)StrykeBlayde710/30 12:31PM
Any way to put an original copy on steam? (Archived)reload88610/20 10:24PM
What gets credit for kills caused by kill skills or DoT? (Archived)dstarfire39/18 3:56AM
Multiplayer is through Steam now. (Archived)cheater8719/17 4:20PM
Quick leveling? (Archived)karmasNcarnate18/24/2014
Can I alter the loot drop rates by modding? (Archived)DogeCoin38/3/2014
SecuRom removed, new multiplayer incoming. (Archived)Marikhen28/3/2014
Lilith combat style for early game (Archived)dstarfire26/30/2014
Skill points awarded for missions and respeccing (Archived)KJ StErOiDs36/25/2014
So, I Started Watching Firefly... (Archived)metroidfan98734/26/2014
Resilience (Archived)YGO_DOTR22/27/2014
Gun play questions and gun leveling issues, need some advice (Archived)macmimi32/15/2014
Online doesn't work. Help please. (Archived)samperiharja51/18/2014
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