Stuck in "Wanted: Dead!" mission in Knoxx DLC.

#1Nestea80Posted 3/4/2010 10:47:30 PM
I'm stuck on a certain mission.

I'm trying to do the "Wanted: Dead!" mission ... and I've got the first two checkmarked ... I followed the pointer ... and it brings me to a place that is similar to the other previous places ... and I've killed all the enemies around that area, but it doesn't advance me. I was very thorough with killing all the enemies and walking around. Some leader is supposed to show up, and I'm supposed to kill him right? Anyone else had a problem or know of a solution?
#2mrmaigoPosted 3/5/2010 12:09:55 AM
The pointer sucks. Just do the story missions, you'll get them
#3TygellPosted 3/5/2010 1:04:28 AM
The quest marker is pointing to where you eventually turn the quest in. Keep playing and you'll automatically find the assassins.
#4Nestea80(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2010 10:31:10 PM
Thanks guys.

Yeah, I later realized that if I just continued playing, this quest will eventually be completed on its own.