How much damage do elements add?

#1i_r_disturbedPosted 8/23/2010 9:31:22 PM
Kind of a confusing question, but stick with me here..

What I'm asking is how much damage do elements add (by elements I mean fire, electric, explosion, corrosive). I'm always confused when I'm comparing between a gun with elemental damage and one without.

Let's just pull some numbers out of my ass here.. Lets say I had an SMG that did 300 damage.. And then I had an SMG that did 150 damage with x2 fire. Which gun would be better?

How much damage does a x1, x2, x3, or x4 elemental property add to a gun? Does a x2 double the damage? I'm really confused.

If someone could clarify this, it would be a huge help. I'm really confused when it comes to elemental properties.
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#2WOCPosted 8/23/2010 10:02:09 PM
You get the multiplier effect depends on whether the elemental effect triggers on a shot or not. Multiplier damage is actually variable. If it's x2 it will generally do x2 damage depending on element.

Shock does whatever the multiplier damage is.
Explosive damage does more damage than the multipliers stated. It's an underrated element I feel as it also does splash damage.
Incendary and Corrosive do less damage than the multipliers stated but they have the greatest damage of the time and corrode stacks, stays longest and spreads to other enemies.

I'm not gonna bother prorating numbers giving an example weapon same damage of each element.

Also it depends on the weapon you use as well.

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.... Ok... I'm gonna answer this question more succinctly because I had a little wonder in my mind because you only know certain from testing or looking what other people have found out...

i r disturbed | Posted 8/24/2010 5:31:22 AM | message detail
Let's just pull some numbers out of my ass here.. Lets say I had an SMG that did 300 damage.. And then I had an SMG that did 150 damage with x2 fire. Which gun would be better?

Assuming same rate of fire, yadda yadda...

Nearly always the 300 damage SMG since the SMG only has a chance to deal x2 damage. The x2 damage is actually x1.6 so 240 dmg per shot, but if enemy is weak to it, it's 1.5 of total damage per shot so 360 vs 300 non-elemental. This doesn't include the chance to set something on fire and deal damage over time...

What I found revolvers elemental effect always activate for every shot. So if we were talking about two revolvers, the revolver will always be better everytime. This has been confirmed with what I have read about it. But lets do the same thing with an explosive x4 revolver...

100 x4 Explosive vs 400 non-elemental.

x4 Explosive is actually x5 the damage so it's 500 vs 400. BUT, it doesn't mean that it's x4 damage everyshot, it can be x2 x3 or x4. That's what I mean by variable. But revolvers will activate on everyshot.... so can be between 250-500 damage a shot vs. 400. Tempting to average it out to 375 but it triggers the bigger like every 2-6 shots... only with shock weapons you can tell because there is a bigger explosion (x3 or x4 instead of x2 as it does everyshot at least) and I haven't got an explosive revolver to see...

And on to the other crap...

Some weapons are bugged it seems. Either don't ever give you more than x3 elemental effect damage or being x1 and giving x2 damage and activates more often. This is what I've read.

There is some other bunch of stuff, regarding elemental chance and the Siren's elemental chance skill, but it's not what you asked for.

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#4WOCPosted 8/23/2010 11:08:36 PM
Ehhh... it's not a stupid question. Most people assume that the numbers are what they are. I realised corrosive weapons did less damage than explosive weapons but most of its usefulness if setting things on acid (hurrhurr) and make a crowd trip out on acid (hurrhurr). Just thinking about it, it more complicated that it seems. Only started testing crap when I realised that the Siren's Spark skill was garbage. However is a sad twist of fate, she potentially the only one that can get use out of elemental sniper rifles because they don't always trigger elemental effect and are really unreliable for that for some weird ass reason.

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