How do i get past level 50?

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7 years ago#1

I saw a level 65 guy in a co-op game, so i know 50 isnt max level. But my XP caps at 50 and theres no 3rd playthrough? What am I missing?

7 years ago#2
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7 years ago#3
wait for DLC that raises level cap???
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7 years ago#4
Then how or why did i see a level 65 in an online co-op match?
7 years ago#5
you didnt because thats not possible
7 years ago#6
I dueled him at level 45 and could even get his shields down, unloading on his face.
7 years ago#7
well, could you have just mis-read the level? maybe it was 35? 25?
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7 years ago#8
7 years ago#9
you might need glasses cause 50 is the cap right now. check the trophies
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7 years ago#10
I am absolutely sure that his level said 65 when i put my crosshair over him. In the upper left where it shows party members health and level it said 655 for level, which i assumed was just a glitch. I was not under the influence when i saw this.
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