No orange weapons on first playthrough...

#1ArathionPosted 11/9/2009 5:25:25 PM
I'm starting to wonder if either I am really unlucky with the drops I get or do orange weapons appear more in the 2nd play through. But I looted pretty much anything I saw, but I'm wondering if my chances would be better in another area? Any tips you guys can give me?
#2nopants55Posted 11/9/2009 5:33:35 PM
I only found one orange weapon in play through 1 lol. The gun was a combat rifle called Desert Raven with some numbers in front of it and had red text. "2 More Bullets Makes All The Difference". I used it for the rest of play through 1 'cause i couldn't find a better one but it sucked so i used SMGs and shotguns most of the time.
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#3HighOnPhazonPosted 11/9/2009 5:46:54 PM
You're just unlucky. I found dozens of Oranges. But I also box hopped New haven for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours.

Yes, many hours.
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#4coolguy_zanePosted 11/9/2009 5:56:21 PM
Run Old haven a few times your bound to find some very good green/blue/purples there which can be better then oranges. Box grinding is exceptionally boring to me so I prefer to play in these areas with other people to up the drop rates/rarity's.
#5bassagePosted 11/9/2009 11:53:14 PM
most of the oranges i've found aren't very good anyway. they're really not a big deal.
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#6JoyBoyTwoPosted 11/10/2009 1:22:11 AM
Think I was about level 22 on Mordecai when I went to one o' them gunshops, and wham, found an orange revolver for level 19, with 49% loading speed, +X% damage, and +11 ammo regen.

I kept using it until I ran Skag Gully a bit on my second playthrough.. Still have it to regen ammo for my new and improved revolver :)
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#7EZ1304Posted 11/10/2009 1:26:27 AM
Wow... unlucky. I am on playthrough 1 on a new Lilith game and have found about 15 orange weapons so far. I'm lvl 27.
#8bassagePosted 11/10/2009 1:34:42 AM
i didn't find any until Old Haven, and they were all in lockers, none in chests. Old Haven is also the first place I found Eridian weapons.
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#9Drkr_ZenPosted 11/10/2009 3:46:19 AM
Its more to do with randomization than lucky... some will find none, others will find dozens and still others, like me, will happen upon a crappy orange in a vending machine that I never should have bought... lol.
#10agentheliosmithPosted 11/10/2009 4:21:33 AM
correct me if im wrong but i think that orange only appears with 3 or more players.
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