It's Alive! quest... (need help)

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7 years ago#1
I'm in Dead Haven and I'm following the waypoint to Info Item 2 and it shows that it's in the middle of a clearing.... but there's nothing there...

what am i missing?
7 years ago#2
That's in the top left corner right?

There should be a grave, go to it.
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7 years ago#3
no... it's not far in from where you enter the town.... the closest thing to it is a flagpole-looking thingy that has some tattered rags hanging on it.... there's buildings on either side of me but that's not where the waypoint is centered.

i know sometimes the waypoint thingy isn't really helpful... i have a feeling this is one of them.
7 years ago#4
Go to the Control Room (easy to access because of some added stairs) and look out the door to the is just sitting on the ground by a round tent. It seems some mission WPs are used to fool you into running all over looking for the object(s). I found it by luck because I gave up "looking" and just started killing Zombies. Please ask this in ANSWERS...I did look before posting. Level 50 Brick. Hope this helps.
7 years ago#5
thanks for the help
7 years ago#6
i figured it out...

the waypoint marker wasn't wrong. The item was right where it said it was.... underground, though. It was in Ned's underground workshop... somehow i had missed it.
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