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Pearlescene, patch and Knoxx armory (Archived)delta_12410/26 10:18PM
DLC now or... (Archived)woahwoah2424410/20 7:55PM
Just picked this up... (Archived)NiimuraJun510/20 11:38AM
Looking for someone with Xlink Kai and "And They'll Tell Two Friends" (Archived)katagai753110/17 1:16PM
Any featured bands in this game? (Archived)Jorelo210/16 6:56PM
2-player split-screen crashes/hangs in loading screen (Archived)_davidovitch_310/6 2:21AM
Online patched or what? (Archived)Valkyriareaper1210/5/2014
How many people have actually finished the Underdome DLC? (Poll)AsIfByMagic59/28/2014
Lvl 50 weapons questions (Archived)Vithar109/23/2014
Cars. (Archived)midgitninja149/23/2014
If I download a gamesave so a buddy of mine can play with me split screen (Archived)XGP15A22629/21/2014
This game off line makes it barely more useable than MAG.. (Archived)zombiehunting8479/12/2014
Where are these legendaries you speak of???????? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
borderlands Gearbox Employee trophy (Archived)AsuraNinja59/4/2014
I just played this online yesterday and now it's broken? (Archived)seanskate99/3/2014
I'll never finish this game unless I stay offline. (Archived)JanayBerry49/3/2014
Cannot save progress at this time, sigh... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
split screen help (Archived)Dardoboy69/1/2014
good ways to make money? (Archived)rmcin32968/19/2014
so they say you can earn they tell two friends trophy by doing Lan. (Archived)lllooovvveee48/10/2014
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