SO is this actually out in the USA? If so how is it? :)

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9 years ago#11
No no, you TILT the nunchuck! Think of it like a flight stick. It's ALOT like that.

Gentle motions are best. It's VERY sensitive. You might actually notice that sometimes my mecha jerks slightly when I shoot due to the vibrations caused by me pushing the Z button, okay? XD

The touchy nature of the controls can be daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it it's WAY better than what any analog stick could do! Honestly their sensitivity adds to the jet pack feeling.

As a side note, a quick jerk to one side will result in a barrel roll. Unfortunately those are REALLY innacurate. I wouldn't bother trying to do them. All they do is get you to move in one direction quickly, they don't deflect shots like in Starfox so they aren't vital at all.

Currently hunting for my own copy of this game. I rented it (as I had never seen it on store shelves before). I hope the rumors of it being $20 at Wal-Mart are true.
9 years ago#12
Okay, noticed a BIG difference when I played with Dynamis. Dynamis is the "slow but strong" one and while it moves slower than the other two, the homing missiles come out WAAAAAAAAAAAY faster...and I *think* it shoots more homing missiles too.
9 years ago#13

OK I just watched your videos of this game again and there were a few on screen things I want to know what the heck they are ;-D

1. What do the Yellow rings made of triangles that zoom in on enemies indicate?

2. What do the Red / Green solid circles that pop up on enemies mean?

3. What do each of the 3 bars on screen mean (in the upper left cormer (you can't read their names on the video)

4. What is the "Energy" meter for in the lower left hand corner (Is that your life bar?)

9 years ago#14

Oops! Forgot one ;-)

I saw the word BOOSTER pop up om screen; what exactly does that do and can you activate it manually or does it just happen when you grab the approriate floating power up? :)

9 years ago#15
Okay, here we go...

Yes. Grab the appropriate power-up to activate, no manual (sadly).

Yellow Triangle Rings
Those are your auto-targetting on your aimed shots. When your Wiimote pointer gets near an enemy, one of those appears. When you shoot, the shot goes straight into the enemy instead of where your Wiimote is pointing. Basically a way to make the aimed shots WORK as the game was not originally designed for them. Trust me, they're a godsend!

Green Solid Circles
Those are missile locks.

Red Solid Circle
Targetting sight for normal shots

3 Bars
From the top to the bottom: Armor, Lock-On, and Mega Laser
Armor seems to decrease damage taken from enemy shots, fills with armor-ups and drops when hit.
Lock-On drains as you shoot missiles, fills when you get Lock-On power-ups
Mega Laser fills over time and lets you shoot the charged laser beam (as seen in the Boss Fight)

Energy Meter
Yes. That's your life. As a side note, you'll notice I have more life in the second stage than I do in the first. There is a between round shop you visit where you can buy things like more life stock. Needless to say that's a top priority for me.

As a random side note, while Counter Force may not be the prettiest thing, it sadly looks better than Crusin'! XD (Just picked it up today. Decent.) While we're on the topic though, Ghost Squad is a great lightgun shooter that actually captures the lightgun feeling with a Wiimote!
9 years ago#16
Bump for the only decent info on this game on the net ;-D

(OK maybe it just seems that way)

9 years ago#17
XD Oh no. It is. The game has been out for over a month, is NOT in the GameStop computers, and it only just now got a page on Metacritc (with only one review). I've found only 2 other "Reader Reviews" on random sites which don't go into much detail and just say "it's bad" basically. Heck! Even the ONE "real" review doesn't really detail much (I will admit that sometimes it's hard to see enemies)!

For the record, I did beat it before I had to return it. Dynamis's missiles come out faster and that makes the end game much easier. The game doesn't really get vicious until Stage 4, but BOY does it hurt then!

Still haven't found a copy "in the wild" so to speak. Anyway, I gotta ask: did you get a chance to try it yet? Thus far I appear to be the only person in the world that enjoys the game! XD (of the 5 people that tried it)
9 years ago#18
LOL I'm actually amazed any rental place carried the game in the first place for you to rent it ;-)

Tho it is kinda cool getting a "Dreamcast / Naomi" game on Wii...

BTW, do you happen to know its MSRP? (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

9 years ago#19
Heh I didn't see your question at first. Nope, have not had a chance to try it yet ;)

BTW, you REALLY need to take all this lovely info you have in this thread (and possibly more in your head) and submit a review to GameFaqs so the info is preserved for posterity :-D

9 years ago#20
Bump - o -matic

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  3. SO is this actually out in the USA? If so how is it? :)

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