SO is this actually out in the USA? If so how is it? :)

#21Crazy HitmanPosted 12/17/2007 10:49:11 PM
I've seen it at the Navy Exchange in Guam oddly enough. Maybe I'll pick it up, I love old school SMUPS.
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#22dhowerter(Topic Creator)Posted 12/19/2007 10:42:48 PM
GEL - Heh.

One last question (I will be getting this at some point ;)

Just to check something... how do you lock on to enemies for the homing missiles?

I mean, does the game just start locking onto random enemies when you press C or do you lock onto enemies you pass the wiimote cursor over or something? ;-)


#23DrantinPosted 12/22/2007 3:17:38 AM
Seen it at the exchange in Sasebo, JP as well...
#24Kaiser393Posted 12/26/2007 9:53:59 PM
I just got this game today. I saw it for $20 at Best Buy and picked it up.
I dunno, to me it doesn't really seem worth buying. Almost wish I didn't purchase it. The game isn't completely awful but a rental is all that's needed imo.
#25GELPosted 12/31/2007 3:16:08 AM
Give it time. Took me about 5 plays before I "got" it. Also, I'm a BIG on-rails shmup fanatic.

As for lock-ons, they appear to be random-ish.

...and yes, once I find a copy of the game to play it some more I intend to write an FAQ and Review and maybe even do a Video Review on YouTube! XD
#26GELPosted 12/31/2007 3:45:56 AM
Oh, and MSRP is $30.
#27GELPosted 1/2/2008 11:51:16 PM
Okay, for any crazy people that still care, I'm doing it. I'm writing an FAQ for Counter Force.

I FINALLY found the game for sale as part of a "Value Pack" with MONSTER tRUX aReNAs for $30 (well that explains the MSRP!) and yeah, once I get back from my weekend trip to Chicago, I am going to write a Counter Force FAQ!
#28dhowerter(Topic Creator)Posted 1/3/2008 10:36:14 PM

WOOT! Good, something to have for permanent reference ;-)

What's kinda depressing tho is if I had just seen the scant really low review scores for this game (like 20% out of 100 X-P) and never seen your thread, GEL, I probably would have dismissed this game as bad without much thought -_-

Oh and I'll be getting Cruis'n (Wii) at some point too. I liked Cruin USA on N64 (tho I never did get to play Cruisn World or Exotica on N64)

Ridiculously underhyped obscure games everyone else hates for the WIN ;-D

#29GELPosted 1/4/2008 12:29:50 AM
XD Have you tried this game yet?

Sorry, I just know that generally I'm the only guy that cares about Counter Force :P I'm...kinda waiting for that inevitable "actually dude, this game sucks..." from you XD

I mean *I* still like it but yeah, it's just a decent on-rails shooter :P I'm just...that desperate for an on-rails shooter! XD

Anyway, about Crusin'...umm...yeah. I have it. Not so good. Technically it's a port of The Fast and the Furious arcade game, but yeah, MASSIVE graphical downgrade. The N64 Crusin' games both look and play better. Aside from the high-def trophy girls, it's pretty poor even for Crusin' fans.

I still sapped some fun from it but it was very disappointing in general. If you do play though, Car Vaulting is the key to winning.

HOWEVER!!! I *HIGHLY* recommend Ghost Squad. The only reason it's so cheap is the short length. BIG plus on that.

Also, keep your eye out for Furu Furu Park from Taito:
Should be out in two weeks.
#30pwnmonkey314Posted 1/6/2008 1:45:50 PM
I just saw the video, and among all the apparent problems the music is AWESOME!!
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