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User Info: NeoEscaflowne

9 years ago#1
I got the game for Christmas (love the Arcade version). After a few days I've figured out how to stabilize movement (it would always go wherever but where I wanted it to) by holding the nunchuk still while using the control stick. But the manual is no help at all with the weapons, as I did exactly how it said I should. Please tell me how to use each weapon. I know that the A button fires the main gun, but other than that, I don't know what to do (I used to be able to fire the megabombs, but I can't fire the lasers no matter what). Thank you in advance.

User Info: GEL

9 years ago#2
Sorry if I'm alittle late! (Actually you're supposed to use the nunchuck like a flight stick. Try it out, it's better than that analog stick if you ask me)

Here's the deal:

Aimed Shot - Point Wiimote at screen and press A.
Pros: Hits enemies anywhere on screen.
Cons: Low power

Standard/Spread Shot - Press Z on the Nunchuck
Pros: Once upgraded it becomes a powerful 3-way and 5-way shot.
Cons: Near useless before getting a power-up. Loses power if you're hit too much.

Mega Laser - Hold Z on the nunchuck
Pros: High power. Stops forward movement.
Cons: Needs to recharge between uses. Stops forward movement.

Lock-On Missiles - Press C on the nunchuck repeatedly to lock-on to different enemies. Press Z to fire.
Pros: Homing missiles!
Cons: Fires slowly. Limited number.

Bomb - Press 1 on the Wiimote
Pros: Blows up everything on screen!
Cons: Limited number. Does NOT refill after continuing.

There you go! ^_^ (I should seriously just write an FAQ for this thing :P)

User Info: NeoEscaflowne

9 years ago#3
Thanks for the help. I tried to use the method you suggested, but I keep going anywhere but where I wanted to. Actually, the way the manual stated, I had to shift the stick to the left, right, and raise it up or down. And it didn't work. Then I found the Control Stick a bit better than the way I tried earlier because unlike the other method, I could at least control where I'm going.

User Info: GEL

9 years ago#4
Hm. I got used to it :P Yeah, the manual is insane. Actually LIFTING the controller does jack. You do use it like a flight stick. Whatever though :P

I JUST got a copy today (previously only rented it) and beat it with Sophia now. I am happy ^_^

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