Best IGN Review Ever.

#1GELPosted 2/18/2008 6:34:32 PM
90% of the time, I think IGN is full of it. However, they just recently did a review of Counter Force.

While there's some factual errors (there are only 3 mechs and they're COMPLETELY wrong about the controls, the mech has a "rubber band effect" because your hand is tilted and it uses the nunchuck like a flight stick) and I disagree with the score, the way the guy talks about the game is right.

"Never have we loved a mediocre game as much as we do Counter Force. As yet another chunk of Wii shovelware, we've passed up Conspiracy Entertainment's latest quick cash-out time and time again, only now sitting down with it for any play time whatsoever. You'd expect this to be just another piece of software that is in no way worth your cash, and for the most part you'd be right. There is, however, a deep-rooted sense of nostalgic fun in this one, and while we'd still recommend it for less than 1% of the Wii crowd, that's more than we can say for most quick-cash efforts on the system."

*nods* I'm in that 1% obviously! XD