Is my demo corrupted?

#1BehaviorismPosted 8/26/2009 9:05:45 PM
The screen stays black after the part where you shoot two guys at the same time. The game won't go forward. WTF?
#2TTW2001Posted 8/26/2009 9:37:21 PM

Did you tried restart the game, I had a few trashes on my xbox360 before. 1 time I was on a really big driver bet in the game Juiced2 and the game froze at the begining ofthe race.A few other times on other game it won't past the loading screan or stuck on a blank screan.

#3Behaviorism(Topic Creator)Posted 8/26/2009 9:40:23 PM
yeah, i restarted 3 times but it kept happening again.
#4TTW2001Posted 8/26/2009 9:49:40 PM

I would say try deleting it andredownload. Alot of people were downloading it today due to release, 600m took like half hour to download, never happened to me on xbox before, u might got a corrupted download.

#5TTW2001Posted 8/26/2009 9:51:36 PM

Just want to doublecheck when you said won't go forward as in you can't continue on with the game or it's stuck on a loading screan of some sort. If the first 1 then there might be something u're missing.

#6Behaviorism(Topic Creator)Posted 8/26/2009 9:55:20 PM
it's stuck in a black screen
#7TTW2001Posted 8/26/2009 9:56:29 PM

Then yea, sorry bro, delete and redownload it

#8smdiePosted 8/27/2009 4:29:39 AM
Your not missing anything.