Edge of Twilight life discussion

#1ZeroLinkVIIPosted 10/26/2010 3:32:31 PM
In this topic we will post any new information we may get about this game as well as any hope for an eventual release or any inkling for the game's cancel.

I found this on IGN and thought i'd share with you guys: http://games.ign.com/articles/995/995409p1.html

(part specifically about EoT): Edge of Twilight was announced in 2007 as a steampunk action game to be published by SouthPeak Interactive. But late last year, developer Fuzzyeyes laid off a large chunk of its staff and sold a chunk of itself to another company. In the aftermath, some employees said the game was cancelled, while others insisted work was continuing. We've reached out to SouthPeak and a spokeswoman confirmed that Edge of Twilight "is not cancelled and is still under development." We also tried to contact Fuzzyeyes, but its web site no longer works. Comatose.

i'm not sure if it means there's hope for release, but this is definitely a good thing to hear.
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#2The_BreadcrabPosted 10/28/2010 5:28:12 PM

Well, according to the Wikipedia page (which has recently been taken down due to inactivity) the team was going to reveal something in October 2010. Well, it's October 2010 and still nothing. If we don't get anything soon, it's a good bet that this project is scrapped. Unfortunate, considering how awesome this game looks. :(

#3ZeroLinkVII(Topic Creator)Posted 10/29/2010 2:03:34 PM
oh god don't say that :C

HERE'S TO HOPING! *holds up bottle of mountain dew*
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#4mekchinePosted 11/2/2010 8:35:10 PM

That part on IGN has been up for awhile now though sadly.

I ended up rewatching this interview just to remember what other footage there was :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x7NHJWYxTE sadly that was at Tokyo Game Show in 2008 though.

#5The_BreadcrabPosted 11/4/2010 2:45:42 PM

Well, October came and went. Still nothing. I really want to hope for this game, I really do. But I can't help but think that it's not going to make it. :cry:

#6papayapandaPosted 11/6/2010 2:27:30 PM
Don't lose hope young Padawan.

Instead, direct your anger at Fuzzy Eyes for not releasing a frakking statement every now and again. This wait is much worse than Alan Wake, Duke Nukem Forever, and L.A. Noire combined!
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