Chapter 9...cant leave slaughterhouse to find Luca

#1robeditsPosted 11/26/2010 4:36:59 PM
Got all the way through the battle,and the shooting in teh slaughterhouse. One of the guys I helepd rescue says "thanks Vito" and the objective says "find Luca" (I think). BUt...I'm stuck crouched in a corner behind one of the walls...near where the pigs carcasses are hanging,where all the shooting took place after the "boxing match".
I canNOT move in or out of my couch, can't leave the area behind the small corner-wall and get out of the room.
I restarted the save-checkpoint to no avail,as well as rebooting the computer.
I don't want to start this chapter all voer again from scratch.
I do NOT have a trainer running;just the boxed-version Steam-bothered game.
Suggestions? I havent seen this bug written up anywhere online...