The family(spoiler)

#1Gamemaster64Posted 6/6/2012 12:19:53 PM
This been nagging me but was there a purpose of joining the family? I was still doing the same crap as if I wasn't. I'm taking orders from Henry even though he working under a new boss with Vito and Joe being above them. Also when Vito's house burn down by the stupid micks, it like being apart of the family doesn't matter. Where this respect? I can understand the Greasers being dumb and stupid but it was dumb for the Irish **** to burn his house down yet nothing was done besides a small gun fight in a bar with a bs bartender(first try he fist fights me, second try he goes and shoots at me instead). Here I was expecting to have a new home, and the mafia backing me up to do another gun fight like the one with the Greasers.

What was the Chinks beef with Vito? Mr. Wong said something about Vito being a problem but what problem? Wong could still have lived and this war wouldn't have started if he explain himself on why he killed Henry. Instead of driving off he could them to come with them.
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