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7 years ago#1
Ok. Due to the frequent asking of the same questions over and over, I decided to make this FAQ to hopefully cut down on the amount of annoying topics.
Here are some questions that are asked often (Please don't post until I'm finished.)

Equipment Questions

Q: Does this game come with all the instruments?
A: If you buy the bundle (the big box), Rock Band will come with the drums, a microphone, and a guitar modeled after a Fender Stratocaster. If you buy the game, it obviously won't come with anything.

Q: Will the GH guitars work with this game? Will the RB guitar work with Guitar Hero?
A: The GH guitars will indeed work for Rock Band, but it doesn't work the other way around.

Q: How does this work with all the instruments? My PS2 only has 2 USB hubs/Controller ports!
A: If you buy the bundle (once again, the big box), it will come with a white splitter that plugs into a USB hub. The four ports in the hub will allow you to use all of the instruments.

Q: Will the 360 drums work for the PS2? Will the PS2 drums work for the 360?
A: No. No instruments can be switched between systems.

Q: How do you navigate through the menus with the microphone?
A: A dualshock must be plugged in along with the mic. The dualshock is used to navigate.

Q: My guitar isn't working!
A: There are several things you can try here.
-Make sure the switch on the back is turned to ON and that you have working batteries in the guitar.
-If the guitar isn't responding, try pressing in the button with the PS2 logo on the guitar.
-If it still doesn't work, press the button on the guitar's receiver (the thing plugged into the USB hub.
-If none of these work, your guitar may just be broken. Call the number on the box to get a new one sent to you.

Q: My drums aren't responsive/are too sensitive.
A: There are two drum models for PS2: The QM and EL (I think). The EL has much harder pads and tends to be slightly less responsive. You'll have to hit the sticks with more force to have them work properly. The QM has more rubbery pads, but can be over responsive.
For more information on the drums, visit

Q: Can I use a dualshock for the guitar on this game?
A: No.

Q: Will the drums work on Drummania/Microphone work on Singstar, etc?
A: The peripherals are RB only, so they won't work for other games. However, you can use any microphone for RB singing.
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7 years ago#2
IMPORTANT EDIT: Do NOT visit (referenced in above post.) Instead, go to, which is specifically for Rock Band.

Gameplay Questions

Q: Is the Unlock All Songs cheat permanent?
A: No. The game will not save if you use this cheat.

Q: I was playing a song on expert, and I got gold stars! What does it mean?
A: Getting gold stars is basically equivalent to getting six stars. For those that go beyond the five-star cutoffs on a song, gold stars were introduced as a new challenge.

Q: How does the singing work?
A: The words are shown at the bottom of the singer's visual. The green lines represent pitch, based on their position. Although you have to sing in the same pitch, you do NOT have to be in the same octave. You can sing an octave higher or lower than the original as long as you're singing the same note. When words are at the very bottom with no green line, you'll get points based on whether or not you're making a noise.
You activate overdrive by making some kind of noise when the screen has a yellowish background.

Q: What do the dots along the singer's screen mean?
A: When the dots cross the dot on the singer's visual, tap the microphone. This is normally used to emulate a rhythm instrument such as tamborine or cowbell, so the singer has something to do during solos.

Q: How do the drums work?
A: Drums work the same way as guitars; you simply hit the corresponding pad as the note crosses the thing on your screen. The orange line represents the foot pedal.
Overdrive is activated by playing something during the fills (The long lanes of color along the board) and hitting the crash cymbal at the end.

Q: What's the point of the bottom five frets on the guitar?
A: These frets can be used at any time, but don't need to ever be used. During solos, you have the option of using these frets without strumming; simply press down the frets. This will only work during solo sections, though.

Q: What does my band do during the really long lanes of color at the end of a song?
A: This is known as the Big Rock Ending (BRE). During this, have your whole band go crazy! Shout in the mic, flail wildly on the guitar, pound the drums. Rack up your points, but make sure you hit the notes at the end, or you won't get the points!
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7 years ago#3
Technique Questions

Run to the Hills (Hard) (Drums)

Run to the Hills on drums has a very odd pattern; three rapid beats, with a pause in between. Once again, I'll refer you to to see certain techniques.
With all of the songs on drums, it's a matter of finding the hand pattern that works for you.

Run to the Hills (Expert drums)

This time, Run to the Hills has a nonstop beat at a very rapid pace. Once again, has your answers. One strategy is to not use your overdrive. Yes, I said DON'T use it. Then, during the fills, pause the game. Rest your arms, take a bathroom break, then, when you're ready, resume playing.

Green Grass and High Tides (Expert guitar)

Since it's the solo most people have trouble with, try out different soloing techniques. See if it's easier for you to stay on the top frets or to move to the bottom frets so you don't have to strum. You could even try tapping. You'll get it eventually; it's the final song for a reason.

For the fast ascending/descending mini-scales (i.e. the GRYRGRYRGRY parts) there are two different methods to try. The first is is to simply finger normally, using a
12321232123 pattern.

The other way is to use only your index and middle finger, sliding your index up to hit the middle note. (The fingering would be 1121112111211121112.)
This may be a little confusing, so here's a video demonstrating the technique: (Thanks to Lo7).

The technique I described is the one he uses during the fast part near the beginning.

Various Singing Tips

I come from a fairly musical family, so I'm a decent singer. While there's really no way to make somebody a good singer, a few tips can certainly help.

-Stand up. Don't sit. You should be bringing the air up from your diaphragm and abdominal areas, and this is much easier to do if you stand.

-Don't sing from your throat. You should be able to feel the air coming from your stomach and diaphragm. To see how this should feel, try lying on your back on the floor as you sing. This should basically be how it feels when you sing standing up, too.

-Be loud and proud! It's much, much easier for the microphone to pick up pitch if you're singing loudly.

-Open your mouth and annunciate. This also helps the microphone register pitch, and also helps the game pick up the annunciation of certain vowels and consanants during the "talky" parts.

-Don't be too close to the mic. This is kind of common sense; if you're too close, the mic will pick up breaths and you'll hear a lot of static-like noise.
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7 years ago#4
More will be coming as I think of more stuff and if I see more commonly asked questions. Feel free to add tips of your own. If you guys think this is any good, bumps and sticky requests would be greatly appreciated.
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7 years ago#5
Can't believe I forgot to add this.

If you're still having trouble with a song (regardless of instrument) there's nothing that will help more than LISTENING TO THE SONG.
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It was good, I noticed a mistake though. The PS3/PS2 guitar for Rock Band can switch between systems, something you say can't happen.
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7 years ago#7
Yeah, thanks. I was mainly talking about 360 and PS2, but I definitely didn't word that correctly. Thanks for the catch.
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7 years ago#8
Questions that I was too stupid to remember

Q: I saw someone play (insert song here) on Rock Band, but I don't have it!
A: If you've beaten the game and don't have it, odds are you saw somebody play a downloaded song for another system. PS2 doesn't get downloads, unfortunately.

Q: I'm playing the drums, and I can't get used to the foot pedal. Any pointers?
A: Practice. Practice. Practice. Getting your hands and feet coordinated may take a while, especially if you're new to drums. If you want some practice, turn off the game. Slowly hit a pad and the pedal at the same time, and gradually speed up.
When you can do that easily, try hitting the pad, hitting the pedal, then hitting the pad again. Gradually speed up as you alternate between hands and feet. Do exercises like this often, experimenting with different patterns.
This sounds really dumb, I know, but it might help.

Q: What is the switch on the guitar for?
A: I presume you're talking about the effects switch. Flipping this will give you different sounds when you use star power. It has no effect on gameplay, but it can be fun to mess around with every once in a while. (The effects are just various echoes.)

I'll post more as I think of problems people may have.

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7 years ago#9
Goals (RB Drums): 40 Gold Stars [X],
5* Expert Career [], RttH EXPERT [80% **** YOU!]
7 years ago#10
I thought I'd put this one in here, since it happened to me.

Q: My PS2 (THIS WORKS FOR SLIM PS2 ONLY!!) isn't reading my game disc!
A: Because RB is a very "busy" game, the disc must spin at a rather fast RPM to get it to work. One of the reasons may be that your PS2's grip pad is dirty.

Get some Q-tips and some isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and open the lid on your PS2. Around the circle on which you put the CD, there should be another circle of thin, black rubber. Take one end of the Q-tip, and dip it LIGHTLY in the alcohol. Place it on the circle, then spin the circle using your finger, keeping the Q-tip in the same spot, until you've cleaned the whole grip.

Then, take the other end of the Q-tip (or get another one) and use the dry end to wipe off the remaining alcohol.

After I did this, my disc worked like a charm.
Goals (RB Drums): 40 Gold Stars [X],
5* Expert Career [], RttH EXPERT [80% **** YOU!]
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