How do I change taxes for a specific region?

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Topic. I cant do that, there are no arrows on the sides of the banner. Halp.

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You can't. Tax changes are universal and once made affect all your towns.

All you can do is exempt an area from tax, or make them pay again, not adjust it on a personal level.
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best be joking

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Why would I be? Don't get so shirty, it isn't my fault.
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You can't, deal with it.
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He speaks the truth...
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I was disappointed by this feature as it seems completely stupid. In what country is every single region taxed the same? Hell having separate taxes for the rich and the poor in the game proves it.
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Yes you can.
If you go into the theatre in question e.g America and go into the ministers screen when you change the taxes there it will only affect that theatre.
If you have higher taxes in your main country and lower taxes in your colonies people will move to the colonies and the population will rise faster.
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But that's not regions, he didn't ask about Old and New World...

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