Light dragoons (shooting on horseback) v. Light Infantry (for harrasment)

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7 years ago#1
I am thinking my light infantry has not been doing so well in the role of harassing the enemy as they approach my main line. Despite being longer range and skirmish mode theoretically letting them stay out of line of fire while keeping them in their own line of fire, by the time they run back and reload the enemy lines are able to shoot my own light infantry and well, by the end they are drastically reduced in numbers with little enemy casualties to make it worth retraining them before each battle.

As such I'm thinking maybe light dragoons remaining on horseback to do this. Would this work better? I'm thinking the extra speed and mobility of the dragoons, despite the lesser guns to bear (and gun range), would allow me to pick of more of their line infantry without killing many of my light dragoons? Also thinking it may be easier to do this from their sides, not their front like line infantry would need to do (given their slower speed compared to dragoons).

Has anyone tried this light dragoon thing I am talking about (mounted shooting to 'shoot n scoot' quickly) instead of light infantry? How does it fare?

I've little time to play test these things now days, university is in the latter half of the term so I'm only using forums while having wee breaks in study/research etc. Not enough time for games themselves, however.
7 years ago#2
What is up with three topics? I mean really?
Remember kids: always search topics first BEFORE you post one ;)
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7 years ago#3
Got a few minutes spare and asking some questions I've been thinking of for a couple days, never got around to posting them.

What's the harm in asking questions like this? I know they're not posts about how the game sucks blah blah blah, but surely the forums are allowed to be used for posts other than throwing tantrums?
7 years ago#4
What is up with three topics? I mean really?

Topics are unrelated, thus he has the right to post them.

On topic, I usually use light infantry as backup in case a linemen unit gets overwhelmed. I usually bring them around and have them shooting into the enemy's flank.

It's also very useful to position them next to units that are about to be charged by cavalry. It provides twice the firepower and keeps your formations intact.

I love using irregulars because of their concealed movement. I keep them off to the side of the map, where the enemy's main force won't cross paths with them. I usually attack using at least groups of 2 units and look for targets of opportunity, such as artillery, units of linemen that have been separated from the main group or better yet, even the general. This works especially well if their main force has passed.

Once I hit their rear support units with my concealed units, it's pretty much over. They'll often try to bring some units from their main force back, thus significantly weakening their primary attack group. I then massacre their main force and close in on the troops that fell back to engage my irregulars.

In the end, using concealable units such as irregulars to take on their shock troops in a head on battle is suicide. Use them to target artillery and their general.
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7 years ago#5
Once you have access to riflemen light infantry are practically useless, in my opinion.
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7 years ago#6
I was referring to my British Green Jackets when I talk about ''Light infantry''. They're no where near as useful as they are in Sharpe's books. But I may be using them horribly. No advisor has made mention of their better tactics.
7 years ago#7
They can be useful, but they have to be babysat all over the map. I find, as the poster said above, the best way to use them is detached and independent. If your line is decent, they can hold while you maneuver behind and attack artillery or lagging infantry. One of the best ways I find to use them is to place them in groups among trees. I've fought several battles where it seems like the enemy is reluctant to engage an enemy in trees. I don't blame them, a bunch of rifles firing from cover, that'd be a nightmare.

As for their usefulness skirmishing, don't use the skirmish function, it doesn't really work I don't think, I'd just set them in loose formation, and then have them fall back when the enemy gets close.
7 years ago#8
I was referring to my British Green Jackets when I talk about ''Light infantry''

Ah, you should have mentioned that. You should know there's a difference between Riflemen, which the Green Jackets are, and Light Infantry units right?

I personally use my Riflemen to shoot down Calvary units. 3 or 4 units of Riflemen shooting at a single unit of Calvary is usually enough to cause a rout. After that I use them to shoot enemy line infantry on the flanks.
There's a huge difference in specs between four computers and Nagato!
7 years ago#9
Well, damn my eyes, I never really knew the difference.

Time I get educated, what's the difference between light infantry, sharp shooters, and skirmishers and all the other names people are throwing around about "non-line infantry" units (excluding melee-only and grenadiers). Spare no expense in the details! I'd rather hear something I know then to not hear something I don't know. Also what tactics they're best using, etc.

7 years ago#10
Light Infantry units have 60 men in them, typically with 80 range and 55 accuracy. Riflemen are far superior: they have 60 men as well but with 125 range and 65 accuracy. This is why when you say Light Infantry when you actually mean Riflemen it's confusing.
There's a huge difference in specs between four computers and Nagato!
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