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7 years ago#1
This game is great and all, but I hate the campaign mainly because the SUPER long turns the enemy has, I can read about 5 pages in a book in that time, which is pretty long for me. Most of my game time consists of waiting for the enemy turns to end.

So is there any mod that skips the enemy turns completely? Or do I have to watch every single detail? (BTW, I know at the campaign selection menu, there is a button to skip turns, but still it does not really help.)
7 years ago#2
i too wonder about this
7 years ago#3
I don't think so. The button to skip enemy turns just doesn't show you their moves, that's really the best you will get. After all, it needs to calculate all of the moves the AI makes.

The only other thing would be to try and speed up your computer. How's your RAM, CPU, etc?
7 years ago#4
I get about 2-3 minutes per AI turn (unless they attack me), WITH their moves being displayed (if I can see them). It may seem like a lot, but you got to remember that there are at least 20 different factions at the beginning, each requires some time to calculate what they should do. Much like you take some time to determine where to send your armies and what you'll buy/research next. It gets quicker as the game progresses and more factions are eliminated.
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7 years ago#5
Yes the turn thing has been an issue since Medieval II, but you have to understand that there are like 30 something factions in the beginning and even more you have to remember that during the campaign Empire will grow by alot (looking at you maratha and russia) these take longer, in my campaign when it comes to Russias turn i have to wait at least a minute for them to get to it since their Empire became so huge.After a while you learn to mind your own business (watch some TV or something) because waiting for all the factions to end their turn can take quite a while.
7 years ago#6
also a fun fact in Medieval II:Total War stainless steel mod there was so many factions that a regular turn took 7+ minutes.
7 years ago#7
and what are u guys complaining about? it doesnt take more than 30secs for the game to process the AI moves. and im playing this on a laptop! just turn off the show AI moves in options
7 years ago#8
depends on your processor/cpu
7 years ago#9
what MacSpank said. I did have a bug where it took russia about 15 - 30 minutes to finish it's turn, but one of the patches fixed that. Shortly after that campaign fell victim to a fatal end turn crash. I've not had anything since that campaign. It usually takes less than 30 seconds for even the longest turns. Turn off watching AI moves.
7 years ago#10
It only takes me like 15-30 seconds to finish all the turns,SS included
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