6-10 help!

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6-10 help!

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Situation 6-10 help
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This seems to be a pretty basic layout (not too many options). How do you get the injured guy down? You can't jump across with him and you need a one step jump to the bottom. Are there some levels where everyone can't be saved? Thanks

Posted 11/21/2008 7:53:35 PM
With the help of the adult woman, get the big guy over and across the two boxes. Get him to the top floor using the elevator. Go back down then with the help of the adult woman, push the two boxes to the elevator. Go up with the two boxes then have the big guy push the two boxes to the edge of the other side (do NOT to push it all the way, yet). Go down then go to the injured person. Carry him to the right most "cracked wall". While both of you are there, have the big guy push the two boxes so it will fall on the middle "cracked wall". Leave the injured guy at the right most "cracked wall" then go all the way to the left part of the map, drop down, then begin destroying the two "cracked walls". The two boxes would have dropped down to give you one-stepped drops. It's pretty straightforward from here.

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Wow, Well Done. Thanks!

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