@ billbartkus re: Did I cheat to solve situation 10, level 8?

#1Chancellor23Posted 5/29/2009 9:42:42 AM

As far as I’m concerned, anything that the program allows is not cheating. It’s called a feature. However, there’s a way to stack the boxes. I’ll use the terms “box” and “unbox” to indicate double-tapping an Alien to change its status.

- Mr. Esc wakes up Alien.
- Alien moves onto fire. Box Alien.
- Mr. Esc moves left, climbs over boxes and moves all the way left, waking up Alien and Large Adult.
- Unbox right Alien, move it one square left, and box Alien again.
- Large Adult pushes boxes one square right and then moves left.
- Move left Alien next to wooden box and box Alien.
- Large Adult moves to top of Alien and pushes boxes right until they drop.
- Large Adult climbs right, jumps down to floor, and moves right.
- Unbox left Alien and move top of right wooden box. Box Alien.
- Unbox other Alien and climb to the right, out of “hole,” next to wooden box. Box Alien.
- Mr. Esc moves right and climbs on top of left Alien, pushes right Alien off the ledge to the right, and climbs down on top of right Alien.
- Unbox left Alien and move left, down into the hole. Box Alien.
- Mr. Esc pushes wooden box to the left on top of the other wooden box; then moves right.
- Unbox left Alien. Climb Alien to the right, out of the hole.
- Large Adult moves left, climbs down into the hole, and pushes the wooden boxes all the way to the left onto the yellow platform.
- The gate rises. All exit.