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4 years ago#1
In the first part of the game:
Rina: Rina has high AO and is long-range attacker. Many times, she shots the finishing blow against fleeing enemies.
Rasche: He is a tank and has high defense and HP. I can send him to the front to cover other characters. However, he is bad in the second part of the game, because his AO is terribly low and he do almost nothing in battles.
Althea: She has the most important engagement, because it raises Roland's attack. And she has "Intention" to raise her magic power. "Flame Pillar" can damage many enemies.
Pip: His healing spells are useful and he has high AO.
Dia: I do not have better options, then I choose her. She has useful skills such as "Treatment" and "Shine Bullet".

I avoid using Luna with Pip. Luna has excellent healing spell, but her AO is bad.

In the second part of the game:
Master Roland
Althea: Now with gray hair, she is better and has good AO.
Fatimeow: I love Fatima. She can increase the magic power with "Reboot". Her spells are strong and may freeze the enemies for a turn. However her engagement is useless, but allows Roland to use FD attacks.
Pop: She is cute, but is physically strong and may do big damage. Her engagement is useful, because it raises Roland's defense and it allows him to survive against Bharva's FD attack.
Rina: I like Rina. Her "Tunning" spell increases the accuracy and she can attack with a powerful "Loop Shot".
Pip: I need healing spells. "Regen Mass" and "Curer" are good.

Sadie is a good option, she has high AO and good mobility.
Richter seems good, but he appears near the end and I used him a little.
4 years ago#2

My team:

Master Roland - Melee fighter
Fatima - Offensive
Althea - Offensive
Sadie - High Movement and Jump
Ayano - Great Damage + lots of criticals + has silver seal
Luna - Healing purposes

I originally used Luna not for battling, but healing purposes. After the 1st playthrough, I dropped Luna since there is no need to use here, as Althea's transformation gives her Resurrect. Replaced her with Therese and wow, she is a beast, Although it took me a very long time to get her to 99 it was worth it I guess.
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4 years ago#3
All I remember is:-
Roland is necessary.

Althea was nearly always in as a magic nuke and later on resurrecter.

Sadie was my main magic damage dealer because her third spell HURTS.

Luna was my preferred healer for most of the game because her spells have more range but I did sub in Pip occasionally depending on my mood. I tended to replace them with Fatima when she becomes available because the Frozen status is incredibly effective.

Random peoples filling up the rest.

Richter's pretty good if you really need a healer by the end of the game though, he's a jack of all trades but his really high AO makes me prefer him over Pip as a healer. -> Visual novel goodness
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4 years ago#4
Roland the all-around guy
Althea which becomes broken later on in the game. Ignis Blaze+MAG-raising skills pls.
Fatima, the lesser version of Althea. smaller Jump.
Luna as healer
Rasche as uh... that one guy I accidentally trained to high level. lance range is useful sometimes, but I don't really like the HP-sacrificing skill.
Ayano for the melee combat.
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4 years ago#5
My favorite teams:

Melee attacker, no real weakness. You can't even kick him out of the party except in non-story battles since he's the main character after all.

The beast in the game once she learns Intention. A must bring character IMO. Her engagement greatly raises Roland's usefulness in dealing melee damage. Also her Resurrection spell is also useful although she can't heal. Never ever go battle without her. Kinda miss her old sprite... T_T

Very useful if you want to buff your mages or if you want Roland to deal a lot of ranged damage. Her spell has chance to freeze its target.

The "sniper" in my party. A perfect character for hit & run. Reminds me of Canopus Wolff.

Therese or Ayano
Another melee attacker. Although her accuracy is bellow average, her FD can target multiple enemies in straight line and really hurts!

Luna or any random character (maybe Karen)
I don't really need healer except in tough time during spa battles. Besides if character dies, just revive with Althea.
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4 years ago#6
^I've never even thought of including a sniper character, lol. yeah Sadie has an insane attack range.
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My kill everything ASAP in-game team:
[whoever I was bringing for Spas >_>]

Basically, if their AO/movement isn't enough to hit an enemy, their attack range will.
4 years ago#8
That awkward moment when you realize most people's team only has one male character (and that's because he's required)...
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4 years ago#9
The male characters besides Roland are mostly overshadowed by the girls.
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4 years ago#10
The males need some magics too :/ what was those talks about male witches (wizards?) for? >.> need moar playable wizards beside Pip
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