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3 years ago#181
more offtopicness, thanks to playing the game this music is for, this is probably one of the most bittersweet yet romantic pieces of music I've heard recently.

Also, I'm really too fond of piano music ._.;
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Maaya Sakamoto and Younha are amazing~ <3 <3
3 years ago#182
ohh, I only know Nobuo Uematsu from that list xD
SE has some good composer. that one guy, what's his name... something Ishimoto?
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3 years ago#183
I'm on a holiday, and this is dead... hooo boy ;_;
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3 years ago#184
@Zeo & Mecha
Hey Zeo, so your on your holiday now huh...must be nice to still be in high school, I don't get my holiday until this summer >.<

Well...I will get an Easter holiday in 2 weeks time but with that time I will be spending it completing my other assignments which needs to be handed in by I wouldn't call that a holiday -_-

Not only that but after the Easter holiday is over for me, I will need to devote my time to studying for the summer exams in May. IT IS VITAL FOR ME IF I WANT TO GRADUATE!!!

Well enough about that and time to talk about some anime/manga and gaming.
Has anybody heard about Devil Survivor 2 getting a remake for the 3DS just like they did for the 1st Devil Survivor? It will be Devil Survivor 2 Break Code.
So now we have 2 Devil Survivor remakes for 3DS:
-Devil Survivor Overclocked
-Devil Survivor 2 Break Code

Now for some anime/manga discussion has anyone read this week's chapter, Bleach Ch529 & Naruto Ch623. Now we are getting some Flashback chapters.

Naruto - Although I do want to know more about the past of Hshirama & Madara but at the moment it feels like its dragging on too long. I wish they'd go back to the present and continue with the war

Bleach - Isshin is actually from the Shiba Branch. So there's got to be a relation between him and Ganju's siblings. Also he was the previous 10th captain (I always had this theory it was him ever since I saw the Turn Back the Pendulum arc&#8206; that it would be him but now it's finally proven so i'm not suprised)
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3 years ago#185
Don't feel too bad about only knowing about Uematsu, he's the most well known for a reason afterall. I personally fell in love with VG music a long time ago so I try to keep up with some of them who produced the ones I really liked. It's not a bad thing if you've never been interested enough to know the composers though. Just means you like different types of music more ;P

Sounds like I really should get a 3DS... but I don't really want anything on it that isn't Megami Tensei at the moment so I'm not comfortable dropping that much cash for it ;-; Ah well, I already played the first 7 days, I suppose the last day will have to remain a mystery to me.

Naruto - My problem is they aren't revealing anything that can't be guessed so far. Madara + Hashirama being friends can be implied from the previous chapter and that they work together for a better world again, heavily implied from previous chapter. I would have preferred if it they jumped straight into the ambush from both sides to make the storyline actually move rather than just continuing to drag out the flashback.

Bleach - Hmm... I'm not sure how to feel about it as of yet, Ichigo's father being in a high post is easy to guess, how he managed to get a quincy to marry is an interesting question though I'd imagine it's some dramatic love affair that probably ends with her being killed by the head quincy somehow. The questions I'm more interested in is why can't Ichigo use the same methods as the Shinigami to (re)gain a bankai especially when it worked the first time? ._.

On the upside, kuroko finally moved onto the "final" battle :P

Edit: Also, having a bit more free time != on holiday xD; My workload's just about to start up actually ^^;

edit: offtopic but i'm waaaayyyyy too weak against piano music ._.; This was really beautiful for such a simple tune.
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Maaya Sakamoto and Younha are amazing~ <3 <3
3 years ago#186
indeed, I think it's that flashback time for the popular mangas >_> anyone else hyped for Kenpachi going to get his bankai?! :D

also darn, everyone in the Uchiha clan looks similar <.>

speaking of Megami Tensei, anyone heard of the newest unexpected collab?
Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei! :O
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3 years ago#187
*spits out coffee that he may or may not have been drinking*

Megaten?! and Fire Emblem?!

I can't imagine what would happen if both of them decided to keep on the hard side (FE6 hard mode... *shudders*, Megaten at least is better in difficulty, just need more streamlined strategy most of the time, just expect a lot of game overs.)

Sounds interesting.. but at the same time I'm apprehensive ._.;
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Maaya Sakamoto and Younha are amazing~ <3 <3
3 years ago#188
lmao, ikr? that came outta nowhere, just SMT minding its own bsns in 3DS, and FE as usual, when suddenly

as for the difficulty... well I never played any SMT games (the main SMT games I mean), but I've experienced FE's difficulty <.>
wonder if it's gonna retain FE's linearity... if so, hoo boy ;_;
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Sorry, bad English.
3 years ago#189
*Auto-response message to Mechafanboy*
Mecha, please respond as soon as you see this post. ^_^

Found this picture in somebody's signature of the DeSu2 boards.

This has got to be one hot manga girl.
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3 years ago#190
In response to Mecha's post at the top of the page, what's your opinion on this piece?

I kind of perfer the Piano version over the singing version
Courage is the Magic that Turns Dreams into Reality

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