Help on roly-poly

#1baby_love08sgPosted 3/6/2009 6:11:03 PM
Hi. Can anybody teach me how to throw a roly-poly at the switch? I've double tap on the small doco but I don't know how to throw at the swtich. I'm stuck at level 1-5. Please help me. Thanks.
#2Swan3624Posted 3/16/2009 2:41:14 PM
Tap on one of your minis, then tap them again until they roll on their side (or turn into a ball or whatever).

Walk over to them, and your Docomodake will pick the Roly Poly up over its head (he/she can do this at any size if I'm not wrong.

Tap whatever you want to throw it at, and boom! Voila! Switch hit! :P

Hope this helps :D
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