On Amazon's Lightning Deals for roughly $13

#1UndeadHamsterPosted 4/6/2009 6:58:30 PM
Just throwing that out there. 56% gone and 3 hours to go.
#2angel of death 44Posted 4/6/2009 7:06:27 PM
Unfortunately no one will likely see this besides me. I just ordered it five minutes ago and then happened to see this topic.
#3Acacia22Posted 4/12/2009 5:29:11 PM
Amazon won't ship to NZ so I've had to use alternative US game stores to get my copy. Cost me roughly $55 NZD (roughly $30 USD) after all was said and done.

It's a decent game but longevity is definitely dependent on replaying levels for an 'S' rank and in the same breath I should note that your scores won't be listed, on levels you've completed, unless you've ranked a 'B' or higher.