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It varies for me what my favourite blades are at the end (I think best in a game with 108 swords can come down to preference so favourite blades would be a more accurate subject)
Dojigiri Yasutsuna is the one with Thunderclap and its definitely powerful on its own. Using Narukami with it makes the entire game cake..though really that bracelet makes any weapon cake..
Suisei Muramasa is also a good one thanks to its Comet 3 special art. It doesn't do as much damage as other abilities but it hits half the screen each time. My third blade varies depending on the situation.

Btw, I don't think its been established yet but from my own experience, it seems the repelled attack bonus exp is rewarded similarly to other bonus exp rewards. From my experiences with the shuriken throwing ninja, I think the only way to get the bonus is by killing an enemy with a repelled attack. I would imagine someone would have to research it to see if its true but considering other bonuses require similar conditions (completing a battle poisoned/burned), it seems to make sense...
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Pheasant Hot Pot gives you Ninja Socks

Houtou gives you Divine Recovery

Boar Hot Pot gives you Auto Recover

There is no real need to list these in a FAQ as the game will tell you itself what the different dishes do.

My favorite end-game sword for Shura is Okanehirafor its Stop All passive effect and the Gale Thrust III Secret Art.

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In regards to the "Collect X" accessories, you can find out how much attack they'll give you by equipping them, then taking a look at your weapons. There will be a "+X" next to their base attacks. For example, if you equipped the "Swordsman's Mallet" while looking at the stats for an equipped Oboro Muramasa, you would see a "757+20" next to its attack in the "Equip" menu.
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Cooking and Spirit Points

Forging swords needs a certain amount of Spirit and Souls. You can maintain a
high level of Spirit by eating the last option of any restaurant you pass by at
least once. There is a restaurant in Yamashiro who's last food option gives you
6,000 Spirit for only 100 mon.

I would like to add that the best way to increase your spirit is to cook. Once you open more cookbooks you can create better dishes that yield more spirit. As an example Boar Hot Pot not only gives you auto recover, but also 10,000 spirit.

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Where is the hidden

squid boss?
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Hey, I don't know if someone else has already mentioned this, but you have a question mark listed for the location of the white enemy lair where you get the Hungry Devil Saucer, and it's in Kai. It's called Wildlife Caricature, and you fight a bunch of boars & pheasants.
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You can take the boat in Izu for the squid

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3 best swords, it really depends. For example, Earth Hornet II - boss killer and flame regen, Earth Hornet III - boss killer combined with Skull III = WIN. That's not to say those are the 3 best swords, however I will argue it's the 3 best combination.

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cool thanks
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