Started playing Sigma 2. Little things make such a difference.

#1GarhinderPosted 12/2/2012 9:37:54 PM
I'm only at Warrior right now, but I've had some mixed thoughts on the game.

- The lack of dismemberment, which I thought I wouldn't care about, really shows in how the game feels. Even if you can delimb enemies, you have cutscenes where Ryu just slashes someone/something and he/it falls down, and it just looks silly. Maybe I just got used to the 360 version.

I can't comment on the enemy health right now, because on Warrior enemies fall pretty quickly.

- I was excited about playing with the girls, but damn I didn't like it. Momiji was so-so, I guess I just need to use her more. Rachel was... yeah, I'd rather not do that again. I still need to play with Ayane, but I did in the demo and I thought she felt all right.

- Essence is basically useless now. I'm sitting at 200k essence. I don't buy anything because there's no need.

- Weapon upgrade limitations was probably the worst idea. I can't fathom Hayashi's thought process here: "Hey guys, I got this awesome idea! Let's limit the player's weapon and combo choice throughout more than half the game! I'm a GENIUS!". I had to be happy with my level 2 Dragon Sword, until I hit chapter 10 (I think...? It's the Zedonius mission either way). One thing is to limit your upgrades per mission, but you can't even get level 3 until then? WTF?

- Inciendiary Shuriken gone... why? Hayashi basically removed them so Ayane could have them. Instead, he puts the crappy cannon.

- Trials removed. Seriously... some were flat out boring or broken (looking at you, dragons and worms), but with some fixing they would be very much perfect.

- Ninja dogs are still a pain in the ass, and not fun to fight.

- The new bosses have been terrible. The buddha statue and the liberty statue (which are basically the same), were a terrible addition. I won't go into it, I just didn't like the fights, much like I don't like fighting Gigadeath (without the broken part). The tengus were so-so, having Hayashi's trademark grab spam.

Overall, it's been a bit underwhelming. I expected more from a game that only needed to refine existing elements to be perfect. Instead, the director chose to change the direction of the original game, and throw some random stuff in.

On the pro side:

- I loved Enma's Fang. It's like having a powered up Dabilharo.

- The water sections were either removed, or reworked. The jellyfish were pointless, so it's good to see they're not there anymore, and the water combat was boring.

- It's a bit graphically better. Not much a difference, but it's there.


- Bow reworked. Meh, I don't care either way. It feels a bit better in Sigma 2, but I never cared much for the bow.

- Crappy cannon. Tried it a bit, I don't use it. If I'm missing something amazing about it, feel free to tell me.

- The load times weren't fixed. Instead of having extra load times in X, we now have them in Y. Superb.

I'm probably missing something right now. But I'll just go to sleep. I'll update once I finish the game, and eventually when I finish Mentor and MNM.
#2MassacaPosted 12/3/2012 12:59:17 AM
Garhinder posted...
- The load times weren't fixed. Instead of having extra load times in X, we now have them in Y. Superb.

I find load times to be longer when playing NG2 online rather than offline. But both being better than NGS2's. Something horrendous were the load times after picking up each scroll in NGS2, took forever. NG2 is often pretty quick all round (patched and installed)

Garhinder posted...
- The water sections were either removed, or reworked. The water combat was boring.

IMO, Water combat can be fun against Gajas, just not against Blood Eels/Hoverbots. Only really used DCTF for it though. Really wish enemies didn't die when they fell in it.

The rest I pretty much agree with.
I kinda felt like he was trying to make it more like NGB/S with the enemy health, less projectiles, paced upgrades and whatnot.

Worth noting I don't hate NGS2, and the VF in it is hella useful on a new run <3
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#3SlumberMindPosted 12/3/2012 7:05:06 AM
Two words. Chapter Eleven. (Or is that one word and one number?)
#4Garhinder(Topic Creator)Posted 12/3/2012 7:38:18 PM
Hmmm, yeah, that's the only fun I had in water fights. Gajas weren't too bad to fight, and could be good enough with some tweaking I guess.

As for Chapter 11... I'm closing in on it. But I'm already ready for the worst. Also, no epic staircase fight.

As of now, I'd say the game is just better in some aspects, but ****ed up in others and ended up in a similar score to NG2. Which is kinda sad considering they just had to fix some things to make it a perfect game.
#5MurphysGhostPosted 12/4/2012 12:34:38 PM
Garhinder posted...

Overall, it's been a bit underwhelming. I expected more from a game that only needed to refine existing elements to be perfect.

Yeah, that's why a lot of us were disappointed with it.

Instead of refinement they removed things like ToVs and the different projectile weapons, and added other stuff that's hit or miss. (I like the girls' chapters, Statue bosses are terrible, poor online performance makes it impossible for me to complete, etc.)
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#6CineraryPosted 12/4/2012 10:20:07 PM(edited)
You're probably not there yet, but the Windmill Shuriken was also removed. I have a hard time coming up with a reason as to why that was taken out in favor of that stupid cannon.

Also wanted to mention how in NG2 during the second Zed fight where if you died and continued, the camera won't be tracking him initially. Easy enough to get past since you can just hit the button to have it focus back on him again. In Sigma 2 this still exists, and I can't remember if they removed the button function for the camera during boss fights entirely, or it just doesn't work during that fight for some reason. Either way if you want to have the camera back on Zed again, you need to reload your save. Especially annoying on Master Ninja. Of course, Hayashi thinks having a function that tells you where you need to go next in a linear game is more important. Or a six axis breast jiggle mechanic. Lulz.
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#7MurphysGhostPosted 12/5/2012 8:24:11 AM
^ They removed boss lock on/off in NGS2, yeah.
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#8Garhinder(Topic Creator)Posted 12/5/2012 8:22:50 PM
What? Are you ****ing serious? I hadn't noticed since I'm playing Warrior, so I don't even try to change my camera lock on bosses (which I would inevitably try on Mentor and MNM).

Gawd. I remember a couple of fights where I turned it off because I was better off that way (Some Rasetsus, & Genshin mainly). Yeah, the breast jiggle addition was the most stupid thing he added. But I also thought "...really?" when I saw the guide button added. Like, seriously? How much of an idiot do you have to be to need to know where to go in a linear game?

I just finished Ayane's chapter, she's good enough and the only girl I actually liked using, but I really miss jumping on enemies' heads. That's one of my main moves with Ryu, since it's so effective.
#9provettPosted 12/5/2012 8:44:52 PM
Woah, what? he added a guide button?!
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#10Garhinder(Topic Creator)Posted 12/10/2012 6:36:23 PM
Finished a while ago.

Chapter 14 (11) is a joke. (Ninja dogs? Really?)

After finishing the game, I can actually say that it's worse than NG2. I'm not even interested in finishing Mentor & MNM. The only redeeming point may be the missions, but as I hear they online sucks, I doubt it will do anything good for the game.