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4 years ago#1
i dont have the 360 anymore and i havent played this game probly for 2 yrs now. loved every bit of it and man was it hair pulling hard.

i just have one request from someone currently playing this game:

can someone look to see if im still in the top 50 or top 100 in karma rank? my gt is DomZilla52789

im just curious to see how many others tried it since and beat my record which was like 50 million or something like that
PSN: DZilla1080
'CUSE it up!
4 years ago#2
Doubt you'd be in the top on the leaderboard with all the 99 mill glitchers but JAH (from IW's), with much discussion and input from some other top players, made an unofficial legitimate top 50 leaderboard dropping off all the players who glitched or seemed to have.

You're sitting at #49 on that list ;)
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4 years ago#3
thats great! im so glad im still there in that 50! close to losing it tho lol. thanks dude!
PSN: DZilla1080
'CUSE it up!
4 years ago#4
^ PS - The folks from Iberian's have migrated over to a place called

Feel free to stop by and register for the forum sometime! (If you want, of course. )
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4 years ago#5
Thanks Murphyghost

I knew Iberians was gone some time ago and now i know where to go.
I was never active but i know most of the guy's when i saw some video's and tips from the NG black era (like bigalski) never thought he played NG3.
4 years ago#6
Your GT seemed familiar, so i checked and yep it was fairly close to mine and you are currently at #589.

Glitchers have been busy. Over a 300 spot drop since last time i viewed the leaderboard.
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4 years ago#7
it seems they have been busy lol. about a 4-500 drop but thats justifiable since its been too long now.
PSN: DZilla1080
'CUSE it up!
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