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4 years ago#11
For the Rasetsu fight again the 360 lunar is your friend here.
You can start off with a 360 once you jump down to fight him (just a level one).
I wouldn't focus on the IS ninja's to much. Use your ninpo to kill one and do a 360 lunar ET. Usually you delimb another ninja and you can OT him for another ET 360 lunar attack. I usually don't use the falcon talons in this fight. Wall attack with the lunar also does significant damage againts rasetsu and IS ninja's and give you some Invincibility frames.
4 years ago#12
Can you level the FT and the Lunar both to level 2 before that fight? I can't remember.

Seems like I always level up the FT as soon as I can and have it for that fight. I like to get some essence available by Izuna dropping IS ninja and then try to OL ET/UT next to the Rat. Once you get the Rat out of the way the IS ninja are not too bad.

I always use either the FT or the Lunar for that fight.
4 years ago#13
^ You certainly can, especially if you didn't upgrade the DS. Myself, I always level DS to 3 before touching anything else.

It's not the smart way to go, Claws ->Y at level 2 and Lunar 360 Y ET/UT and in-air XXY Izuna at level 2 are really useful and it's harder not having them, but I love the DS. :P

Chapter 2 Rats = the instant the fight starts, begin charging. You can get at least an ET off, often a UT. If using the Lunar, the 360 ET / UT is better than the regular ET/UT in this case (and most others- the regular UT is much more situational).

Then take the camera focus off Rats with RB, block-dash around the edge of the room and Guillotine throw the IS ninjas into the walls, followed by OTs. When you get essence, switch camera focus back to Rats, drop another UT in his face and he should be ready to be OT'd. Then you can mop up the rest of the IS ninjas.

Any time you are in a tight space with IS ninjas, Guillotine Throw -> OT is your friend.
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4 years ago#14
I beat him with the Falcon claws twice only to get killed by the damn Archers just before the save statue. Son of a ******!!!

Who's ****ing idea was it to plant 2 Archers, 2 IS ninjas and another IS ninja at that save statue?!?!

All my weapons are at level 2 right now, the only weapons I'm neglecting upgrades for this run is Kusari-gama, Dual Katana, and maybe Dragon Sword and Tonfa. DS becomes TDS at ch 11 so I think I'll be wasting my essence on lvl 3 DS. As for Tonfa being useful in Ch 11, The Vigoorian Flails is an acceptable replacement, I also prefer to use the Flails over the Tonfa tbh.
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4 years ago#15
I know!!! Right? This game is evil that way.

Opinions vary..But if you use a fair amount of UTs and take advantage of a couple areas where essence is plentifully available it is pretty easy to level up all the weapons pretty quickly.

Personally I find the Flails to be the least fun to play with and hardly use them. The Tonfa on the other hand......Holy Frejoles they can clear a room full of IS Ninja like you wouldn't believe. Very very powerful against anything that is delimbable. You gotta love beating stuff to death with a 2 x 4. Once you get experience with using the Heavenly Justice the tonfa almost seem overpowered.
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4 years ago#17
I finally beat him and Genshin. I'm on Chapter 3 now and I think it shouldn't get too bad from here til maybe chapter 10 or 11.
Birthdays were created by Hallmark to sell gift cards.
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