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Play time, problem? (Archived)Yugi2860121/18/2009
Just played the Dreamcast version. (Archived)A Lower Class Brat21/12/2009
anyone want to play? (i'm not very good) (Archived)black_mercury13412/30/2008
How do I know if/when I should get the full game? (Archived)TheDarkNerd212/29/2008
This game isnt hard. (Archived)
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Yay, finally got it (Archived)Ti1ler312/27/2008
Is there any way to keep the game from giving you unlimited continues? (Archived)chickenfingers212/18/2008
What happened to the training mode? (Archived)-Nintendude-212/18/2008
Does anybody plays this anymore? (Archived)Darksachiro712/8/2008
Lol I remember when I was first introduced to this game (Archived)BlackBlazeQ612/7/2008
Anybody want to play this online? (Archived)Dameon55112/2/2008
Anybody want to play multiplayer? (Archived)Fanboy_Username210/26/2008
anyoen want to play co-op? (Archived)Wolverinefactor19/24/2008
Any people still around this board? (Archived)TwilightDreamer19/23/2008
So less than 1000 people has played Prototype mode? (Archived)KaiRyusaki19/21/2008
This game is ****ing HARD! (Archived)
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I was very hesitant about buying this game (Archived)Johnny72719/13/2008
Everyone check in with your Gamertags here (Archived)
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Can you fight the Stone-Like from only playing the final chapter? (Archived)A Lower Class Brat39/11/2008
If i have my GCN Version of Ikaruga...should i still snag this for XBLA? (Archived)s0nlxaftrsh0ck99/10/2008
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