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StickyThe 8 Stars - FAQ, Clues, Information (Spoilers) (Sticky)
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Mna, some of these puzzles aren't intuitive (Archived)gameghy55513/1/2014
#73 on the Game Conquerors Top 100 (Archived)fiasco86111/1/2013
Still love this game so much. (Archived)haloiscoolisbak55/22/2013
The best review of Braid on the internet (Archived)deusmeister11/17/2013
Check out my "better late than never" Braid review! :) (Archived)RoyalEclipseKing11/9/2013
Please help (star topic) (Archived)L4YER_CAKE111/20/2012
I discover somethine new about the ending to Braid (Archived)GregHuffman310/23/2012
How did the public discover the stars for the first time? (Archived)guest205018/11/2012
Why isn't this one of those video game boards with life? (Archived)WalkingLobsters47/2/2012
Did everyone that was CRYING about this game being too expensive ever..... (Archived)tlcstormz17/2/2012
Rats? *SPOILERS* (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz16/27/2012
My main issue with Braid... (Archived)ollicehunter54/30/2012
What's so SPECIAL about this game? (Archived)SCAMaz0n33/28/2012
Puzzle piece above a door (Archived)miket1738/7/2011
which puzzles.....(spoilers maybe) (Archived)ShadowShake27/20/2011
Am I doing it wrong? (Archived)Seth_Gecko00935/24/2011
Something interesting about the flags (Archived)speighticus25/7/2011
Secret Places in the Epilogue (Archived)Old_Boy_Koons14/29/2011
Glitch I found. (Archived)Shappalamma14/22/2011
should i get this game? (Archived)ViewtifulLos34/21/2011
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