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8 years ago#1
Why does it start you off in World 2? Is there a door to World 1 that I am just completely missing?
8 years ago#2
seriously im wondering as well? maybe "world 1" is the beginning where you go into the different worlds?
8 years ago#3
Think about it... world 2 is not the first world
8 years ago#4
World 1 is the last world, at the top of your building. The game starts with World 2.

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8 years ago#5
Still don't get it.
8 years ago#6
I don't get it either, where is world 1? why does it start on world 2?
8 years ago#7
You'll see world 1 when you finish all the puzzles.
8 years ago#8
They switch the chronology around because world 1 explains things that set the story into motion. If the game started you on world 1, it would pretty much spoil everything since the plot has a big twist.
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