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7 years ago#1
The Secret 8 Stars - FAQ, Clues, Information


Q: What are the stars everyone is talking about?
A: The "secret" stars of the game were recently discovered, and they do exist in case you are chalking up their existance to a giant internet running joke. While Braid has you looking for puzzle pieces in order to finish the game, these stars are hidden offscreen on certain levels. To my knowledge, the game makes no mention of them and does not require you to find them to make progress. The fact that the achievement list gives no reward for collecting them all also makes them less noticable.

Q: How do I get them?
A: Like I said, most of these stars are hidden off of the normal view of the levels in the game. To find them, you usually have to bounce off enemies in a unique way to jump out of view and make the game pan up to a previously unseen part of the level. Getting the stars requires the most thinking you will have to do in the game, as most of the challenges to get them are extremely... well... challenging.

Q: What do I get when I get them all?
A: I don't think anyone knows yet. Could be wrong... but I have not yet seen "OMG I GOT THEM ALL IT UNLOCKS THE GARAGE UNDER THE STARS AND YOU GET TWELVE MORE WORLDS YES YES YES!"

Q: Is this complete?
A: No. I for one have not completed all of the star challenges, so I'm not going to pretend like I have. I have merely tried to answer the call of people who wish that there was one place to see all the hints and clues people have given for the known stars. At the time of writing, one star has yet to be found, and there is another star that some people know of but have not revealed its location.

Q: Why did you make this?
A: Because I'm currently bored and waiting to get the World 2-2 star. =P (You'll see).

---World 2-2 Strategy (The Cloud Bridge)---

This one is really that difficult to get in terms of "challenge". Collecting this star tests your patience more than anything.

• First things first... enter the level from the door on the very right. If you want to... start on level 2-3, then enter the door at the beginning of that level to pop up on the right side of level 2-2.

• If you're on the far right side, you should see a seemingly stationary cloud high above you. This cloud is actually moving in the left direction ever so slightly. You see... the star is located on the far right portion of this level, and the only way to get to it is to jump from this cloud up to the high ledge. This means you have to wait for the cloud to make its trek across the map to the left side.

• I've heard people say this whole process takes about 2 hours.

• The reason you entered from the right is because entering from the right allows the key locked door on the left part of the map to still be locked. This means you're able to jump on top of it in order to reach the cloud. Had you entered from the left... there would have been no way to jump up to the cloud and you would probably be very upset with yourself.

•Jump off the locked door up to the cloud and wait until it gets to the high ledge on the far left side of the screen in order to get this star.
7 years ago#2
--- World 4-5 Strategy (Movement by Degrees) ---

• This star is located above the cannon in the top right corner.

• By C4theduck: Remember you can always rewind to get yourself back up there to the top. Start from the top then go back to the bottom right so that you can guide another goomba past the plants, then rewind yourself to the top and use that goomba to pop yourself up to little alcove to your left by where the key gate is, the alcove is above what you can actually see on the screen but it is there . You still will not be able to get past the plant so do the same thing again and rewind yourself back to the top and then jump on the next goomba to get over the plant. With the second plant you have to kill yourself by trying to jump over it and then rewind yourself in mid death animation back and forth to get the next goomba past the first plant and then walk backwards to get him past the second plant so that you can use him to jump the second plant. Getting past the third plant should be easy if you got this far. I hope that makes sense.

--- World 4-7 Strategy (Fickle Companion) ---

Written by R1RBBoyle

1. Climb the first ladder and walk to the right. Stand beside the cannon.

2. Jump off and kill the creature walking at the bottom of the screen, then quickly reverse to stand back next to the cannon.

3. As soon as the creature pops out of the cannon, jump on him.

4. Start tapping reverse, because you want to stay in the air so that you can double-jump off of another creature.

5. As soon as the next creature pops out of the cannon, stop tapping reverse and jump on him -- you'll jump higher.

6. You should bounce off the top of the screen and land on a platform over head.

7. Then you will jump off and now you have to try and get the goomba to get up there with the key, to do this you have to stand next to the cannon and jump off so that the key is floating and from there let the goomba pick up the floating key and while he is doing this you have to rewind time and use your body to hit him up to the platform above with the key. then just reverse time to get up there with him

8. After your up there with the goomba, let him walk past the ladder and from there pick up the key and go into the door, then hit the switch and move to the right.

9. After that you need to get the key and the goomba past the blocked door so after you hit the switch fall down but land back on the platform with the creature, from there walk back past the ladder to get the key and give it to the goomba.

10. From there rewind time and you will see that the block door has been opened and now the goomba can get past with the key for the other door. Now just get the key and open the last locked door to get the star
7 years ago#3
--- World 5-4 Strategy (Crossing the Gap) ---

As written by lufia22

1.) Enter area and climb up ladders to switch.
2.) Press switch and let it move to other side.
3.) While standing near the switch jump down and kill the enemy.
4.) Reverse time until you are back up to being next to the switch.
5.) Let ghost kill enemy.
6.) Wait for new enemy to get close to the edge. Jump down from standing next to the switch and headbutt the enemy.
7.) Reverse time and allow your ghost to headbutt the enemy.
8.) Quickly headbutt the enemy with your actual character.
9.) Because this kills you, reverse time to where the enemy is completing its arc downward and move forwards a few steps. Allow your ghost to headbutt the enemy and then you headbutt it with your actual character.
10.) Repeat the above until the goomba ricochets off the right platform with the two gold blocks. Now the goomba should be moving to the left.
11.) Keep doing the ghost headbutt until you get the goomba to land on the left-most upper platform that has two gold blocks on each side. It may be necessary to jump-headbutt the goomba to give it extra height.
12.) This will (for some reason) spawn another goomba, allowing you to bounce off it and land on that left-most platform.
13.) From here, easily jump to the gold-sided platform and jump off the goomba's head.
14.) Jump up the platforms and get the star.

--- World 6-5 Strategy (Impassible Foliage) ---

• It's above the cannon in the top-left corner.

by luckettx
Okay holy hell. On 6-5, the one Immovable Foilage or whatever it is, after using 2 goombas to get up and over the level height after the 3 plants, you need to get the star by dropping down. Instead, situate the ring on top of the top platform as a slow zone. Then time a jump to land on a goomba as it is coming out of the cannon and half way across to enter your slow zone. While in there, it should be enough time for the cannon to shoot another goomba out allowing for a higher rebound onto the platform before the star.

--- World 6-6 Stratefy (Elevator Action) ---

by Laminated_Tramp

You can also use the bunny to get up to the platform but you have to feel around to guess where you need to land. From there you can use the bunny to get to the star.

The bunny is on the left hand side of the screen below the lever, the star is accessible without even moving past this section.

by luckettx

Can't remember clearly what I did for elevator action, feels like years ago already. All I remember was coaxing the bunny along the top to do a lunge at a specific point to use as a stepping stone I think.

---Another Star---

There's another star that you can get that you can get by moving the platform paintings in the house. I don't know anything about it personally.

7 years ago#4
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7 years ago#5

In the World 2-2 strategy, I state that the star is located on the far right of the level... it located on the FAR LEFT.
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7 years ago#6
6-6 tips:

It looks like the actual way to get to the top is from the falling ladder, but I don't know how to get up there. Here's how I did it using only the bunny.

First, get the bunny to go up the elevator with you. It takes some work, but you need to learn how to control the bunny. Do not use your ring at all.

Once the bunny is at the top with you, head toward the right where the ladder is. Above you off screen is a ceiling, bounce off the bunny a bit to find out where the ceiling is and where it isn't. You'll bump your head right away when you're under it. Your goal is to find out where the ceiling ISN'T. Now throw a ring down at this point to create a slow motion bubble.


Align the bunny so that he is jumping at you going left. You want him jumping back in the direction of the elevator for this method to work.

In order to get on top of the ceiling you were just bumping your head on, you need to be at the apex of your jump and bounce off the bunny when he is at the apex of his jump. This takes a lot of effort. Once you make your way up there though, the camera shifts and it's much easier to make it back up there.

You'll find a sparkling floor that makes you time immune and lets you rewind time. Rewind time to right when the bunny started making his lunge attack. If you go past this, the bunny will no longer make his lunge attack and you'll have to start over from the midpoint.

Whenever you leave a sparkling floor area, you remain time immune for a few seconds. We will use this to our advantage. Jump at the bunny who is lunging in your slow mo bubble. Since you're time immune the bubble will have no effect on you and you will bounce a good amount off the bunny.

Right after you bounce off him, you should still be time immune...reverse time to where the bunny is not dead from your jump. Your time immunity will wear off.

Since the bunny is not dead and you're airborn, landing on the bunny again will give you an ultra boost to your jump. This is why you want him lunging towards the elevator. (The star is up and to the right of the elevator).

Bounce off him that second time and getting the star is no problem.

I doubt this is the right way, but it got me the star so woohoo!
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7 years ago#7
Excellent, thanks.
7 years ago#8
I have posted directions to get the final star in the other star topic. Please include it in your FAQ, but also please give me credit. It feels good to figure something out for once.
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Sorry i meant to say where do i place the time slow ring on impassible foliage.
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