Mini FAQ 2.0

8 years ago#1
1. What are the Normal Weapons and what do they do?
2. What are the EX Weapons and what do they do?
3. What is MIX?
4. What is Counter?
5. What is Knockback?
6. How is the Multiplayer?
7. Having trouble with SoundLoad?
8. Slow Mode.
9. Helpful Tips and Strategies.
10. Help With the Bat, Sword and Hegehog Mechs.
11. Help with the BigBot and Longai-O.
12. Changes in the US Version.
13. Other Minor Tidbits...

1. What are the Normal Weapons and what do they do?

Homing - These missiles home in on the nearest enemy, as the name clearly states. Average penetration power and attack power.

Bounce - These missiles rebound off walls. Bounce missiles will home on nearby enemies after each rebound, although the radius in which it will sense an enemy is about a tiny bit less than the size of the screen. Average penetration power and attack power.

Break - These have missiles have double the penetration power of a normal missile.

Napalm - Have no penetrative capabilities, explode on impact and do not destroy the missile the collide with. But Napalm missiles leave a lingering explosion that deals continuous damage and are slightly stronger than normal missiles.

Sword - Bangai-O will swing his sword at a constant speed, erasing all bullets in his path. Can be used to slowly make your way towards enemies while destroying all bullets in your path on the way. The Sword does not destroy bullets that come from behind him, above him or below him. Essentially a Bullet Eater.

Bat - Bangai-O will swing a long Baseball Bat that reflects enemy bullets and also knocksback enemies. Cannot eat bullets like the Sword, as the startup time and ending lag for the Bat is to big to do this. Does heavy damage. NOTE: The Bat has more range than it lets on. A few pixels off the tip of the Bat will count as a hit. Reflected missiles will fly in the direction you batted them in. Reflected Homing Missiles will proceed to home in on the enemy shortly after it's reflection.

Shield - An Orbital Shield that will orbit around Bangai-O and erase all missiles that come in contact with it. The Orbital Shield is about the size of Bangai-O. The Shield can be fixed to one location around Bangai-O's person or it will act on its on. The Shield AI is fine, it will move quickly to block incoming fire and will focus on bullets closest to Bangai-O.
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8 years ago#2
2. What are the EX Weapons and what do they do?

Homing - See Above.

Bounce - See Above.

Break - See Above.

Napalm - See Above.

Direct - All missiles will launch in a single direction, focusing on a sole target. If there are more than one enemy in your vicinty it will divide the payload between the targets. If I recall correctly, it will focus on up to 5 main targets. I could be wrong though. I have not throughly tested this, nor do I use it often.

Reflect - The Reflector Wave is not a Missile. Cannot and does not need to be charged and does not have Counter capability. When fired, all enemy missiles on the screen and any knockbackable enemies will be reflected and knockedback. Unlike the Bat, the Reflector wave will reflect all missiles back where they came from, despite your location. The Reflector Wave can be focused in a single direction, but the same effect and range will be achieved in that direction only and is not recommended.

Freeze - The Freeze Wave is not a Missile. Can be charged and has Counter capability. When launched, everything on the screen will freeze for a period of time designated above Bangai-O. The remaining time will stay above your head until the time is up. You can use this time to do whatever you want, frozen bullets cannot hurt you. WARNING: I have experienced this before! There is a certain area to which its effects cover, enemies a short distance off screen WILL NOT BE AFFECTED AND WILL ATTACK YOU! The Charge starts at 1.0 and caps at 3.0.

3. What is MIX?

MIX is the ability to combine the abilities of two Missiles Type weapons and create a new Missile with the properties of both missiles. This requires you to pick a Missile Type weapon for both of your Normal or EX Weapon slots. For example: Choosing Homing and Break Missiles for you EX Weapons create Homing Missiles with double penetration power. During a Stage, either EX or Normal attack button will shoot the MIX'd missile. You cannot use MIX with the Sword, Bat, Orbital Shield, Reflector Wave, or Freeze Wave. During a Stage, you can deactivate MIX by pressing the two EX or Normal attack buttons simultaneosly. Doing so will separate the two Missiles and allow you to use either missile separately. You can also reactivate the MIX the same way.
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8 years ago#3
4. What is Counter?

Counter is the ability to erase all missiles in Bangai-O's vicinty and convert them into power for Bangai-O's EX Attack. This is a key element in Bangai-O. It's best to charge your EX and release as soon as a barrage of missiles is about to hit you, you can counter those missiles and unleash even more missiles of your own. Counter can also double, triple or even quadruple the size of your missiles, doing so increases their penetrative and offensive power. Charging your EX increases the chance of bigger missiles.
Normally countering with an EX without charging will result in more missiles. Charging your EX increases the number of missiles you shoot to a MAX of 100. Once you reach that cap, any missiles countered will result in lots of bigger missiles. It's possible to acheive X2 missiles without charging, but you need to be surrouned by missile spray for this to happen (which is not uncommon). Basically, charging your EX results in more missiles and bigger missiles, so make it a habit of charging.
Counter also works with the Freeze Wave, but it only increases how long time is frozen for. Counter can be used to break the 3.0 charge cap for the Freeze EX.
Counter does not affect the performance of the Reflector Wave, but the same counter approach should be used nonetheless so that you can reflect more Missiles when you fire the wave.

5. What is Knockback?

Knockback is a new Gameplay element that was added in Bangai-O Spirits. Only the Dashing Tackle (A button), the Bat and the Reflector Wave can cause knockback. Knockback sends an enemy sailing helpless in a direction. While the enemy is flying, it cannot attack or defend itself in any way, it erases all bullets in its path and it can collide with other enemies causing damage and knocking them back, creating a knockback chain. Knockback opens up many new tactics.

6. How is the Multiplayer?

Multiplayer requires each player to have a copy of Bangai-O Spirits and is 4 Players. The multiplayer is a mix of Co-Op and Competitive play, similar to The Legend Zelda: The Four Swords Adventure (GameCube). You cooperate to complete the Stage and compete for the highest score at the same time. You cannot hurt each other. There is no other gameplay changes in Multiplayer, your abilities are unchanged. Expect bullet hell!
Unforutanetly, you can only play in the pre-made Stages, you cannot play in Custom Stages in Multiplayer.
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8 years ago#4
7. Having trouble with SoundLoad?

I hear a lot of people complaining about SoundLoad and I've dealt with it alot. Here are some tips to help make downloading Stages easier.
First, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT FREAKING USE EARBUDS!!! Use regular Earphones! Preferably ones with the fuzzy coverings, as recommended in the in-game instructions. You can buy some cheap ones at Walgreens (where I got mine for like 7 or 10 dollars) or some other kind of grocery store or whatever.
Second, plug the earphones into your computer's speaker or wherever your going to play the sound from. Than turn the Volume high, until you can hear the sound without having to put the earphone to your ear.
Third, hold either earphone to the DS, press the button to start accepting sound on the DS, and play the sound. If an error message comes up immediately or nothing is happening, than turn the volume up louder, it can't hear it very well. If it keeps stopping at 99%, than turn it up a tiny bit louder until it downloads completely.
Hopefully this will stop everyone's complaining about SoundLoad. To put it short, THE SOUND! NEEDS! TO! BE! LOOOOUUUD! OR THE GAME WON'T PICK IT UP!

8. Slow Mode.

While playing a Stage, you can hold the Start Button to enter Slow Mode. When you see the Pause Menu disappear and the word Slow appears at the top. From here, each time you hit Start, the game advances one frame. While playing a Stage, you can play in Slow. Hold the button commands for you desired action, and Bangai-O will perform it, one frame at a time. X can also be held to make the word Slow at the top disappear, but that can get tiring, just deal with it.
This can also be done in Replays. Oddly enough, the first time I did this in a Replay, the entire Replay deviated and Bangai-O died, which didn't happen in the Stage. Further testing is needed to help discern the bizarre side-effects of Slow on Replays...
This is also explained in the Tutorial.
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8 years ago#5
9. Helpful Tips and Strategies.

Break + Napalm MIX, after reading the English Tutorial and testing, is somewhat useful. I was mistaken last time. While the Break + Napalm MIX still explodes on impact, they eradicate the missile they collide with, as opposed to regular Napalm misiles, that don't destroy the missile they collide with. Although I still think this is not the best choice for any situation. You decide.

For newcomers, don't be afraid to abuse the EX Attack. That's what it's there for. The EX is BEYOND EXPENDABLE! GO NUTS! The fruits charge the EX Guage back up pretty fast. Don't think of it as cheap or anything like that, or your going to have a helluva time throughout the rest of the game.

Generally try to position yourself in the middle of a group of enemies. From there charge and unleash your EX as soon as the bullets are about to hit. Doing so will guarentee you a plethora gigantic missiles

It's a generally good idea to always have a Homing or Bounce EX so your missile's won't be wasted on the walls. If the Stage is full of tight spaces, a Bounce Missile is very handy. If the Stage has open spaces, Homing is your man.

I've noticed that Homing Missiles, when fired in at a group of enemies, tend to only attack a Core if it is the last enemy there. This is very useful as less of your bullet will be reflected back at you when there are Cores around.

Take full advantage of knockback with the Dashing Tackle or the Bat! Knockback opens up many new tactics, like the Human Shield! Knock an enemy with the Bat or Dash at them, and slowly follow them as they erase all bullets in their path, or knock an enemy back and charge your EX as it holds off enemy spray. You can do even more with knockback, use it whenever you can!

Remember, the Freeze Wave has a certain range to which it will stop time in, anything outside the range of the Freeze Wave will not be frozen and will act normally.

For the who play defensively, don't rely to much on the Orbital Shield. Remember, it can only go so fast. When surrounded by enemy fire, charge your EX and when you notice a bullet about to hit you, release! The Orbital Shield also works as a good defense with the Dashing Tackle, Dash recklessly into your enemies without worry of retaliation! The Orbital Shield can be used in conjunction with the Sword to cover your vulnerable spots.

Remember, if you stand next to a mini turret, a half cannon or a full cannon, they will cease firing. While this tactic may not be used very often, it is still an important trick to remember. You never know when it will come in handy.

10. Help With the Bat, Ninja and Hegehog Mechs.

The Bat and Ninja enemies may seem daunting at first, but remember, they're grunts too! Once the Bat enemy swings, he must wait a bit to swing again, use that against him! Fire a quick shot, that rush him after he reflects the bullet. You can also hit him from long range with the Bat. The Ninja enemy is a bit more troublesome. He erases all bullets in front of him. To easily dispose of him, let him come to you, and once he reaches a certain range, he will perform a dashing sword attack, dash to avoid it! After the attack, he will be defenseless for a VERY brief moment, although can still move. Use that time to destroy it! The Hedgehog Mech is the most annoying of all the grunts. His Spin Dash not only blocks bullets, but can trap you and kill you in an instant. The strategy for him is the same as the Ninja Mech. Let him come to you, and when he starts to uncurl, quickly rush him.
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8 years ago#6
11. Help with the BigBot Boss and Longai-O.

The BigBot Boss enemy can be ferocious, but can be easily dealt with as well. If alone with this Boss, it is easy, just stay far out of his range and fire at him, he will stop to reflect them. Keep firing and circle around him, once behind him, he cannot hurt you. Kill him while staying behind him. If you are in a situation where getting behind him is impossible, try to lure him into a small area where he can't get through. After that, fire at him in different locations, there are certain spots on his front side that he can't counter, find that spot and fire at him with Normal Shots until he dies. It takes a while to kill him with Normal Shots, but better safe than sorry.

Longai-O can be the most frightening Boss you'll ever see. But he's not totally invincible. He suffers from the same weakness as you, after he fires an EX there is a slight lag that if exploited, will destroy him. Reflecting his attacks with the Bat and Reflector Wave is also a good idea. Unfortunately, there is no defenite way to beat him. Use his small weakness to your advantage and fight him the best you can and make all your shots count, remember, you only have 3 Bars, he has infinite EX's though. There are also three other tactics that Longai-O seems to be susceptible too.
Along with his EX Firing Lag, he seems he also suffers from inability to act while performing the Dashing Tackle. Using a Direct + [Anything] MIX missile while he's dashing can catch him and ensure his death. This is more prone to succeed if you attack him near the start of his dash.
Another tactic he is susceptible too is Missile Reflection. Since he constantly chases you reflecting his bullets with the Reflector Wave is a good way to do some heavy damage to him. If you can get him to perform a X4 EX and immediately use the Reflector Wave on him, it will guarentee you his death. You can also play Cat and Mouse with him and stay out of his reach while quickly turning around and Batting his Missiles back at him. Unfortunately he will quickly counter, but it will slowly damage him until he dies. A slow, but safe strategy.
Another tactic I discovered, and I'm surprised it never crossed my mind until recently, use the Freeze and Direct EX Attacks on him. Nudge him into launching an EX at you, than charge and launch a Freeze EX, immediately get inside the bulk of his missiles and fire. This should yield you a X3 or X4 without having to charge and either way, will instantly kill him. This must be done VERY FAST as the Freeze Wave's short time doesn't give you the luxury to screw around.
These are tactics I have discovered and read about from other GFaqs users, and I repeat, there is no defenite way to destroy him.
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8 years ago#7
12. Changes in the US Version.

-Rongai-O's name was changed to Longai-O. The typical Japanese to English L and R switch.
-Longai-O's Normal Homing shots were changed to Bounce shots, and his fire rate was increased slightly.
-The Ninja's vulnerability period after the Dashing Slash attack was severely reduced. Although the Ninja can move shortly after the Dashing Slash, it seems he cannot retaliate for a short while.
-New Stages were added.
-Stages are Categorized now.
-5 New Block Sets have been added.
-2 New Backgrounds have been added.
-The Music that plays in the Free Play Menu and Option Menus have been switched.
-The Top Screen has a picture of the Bangai-O Spirits cast whenever a map is not being displayed. Main Menu excluded.
-The Main Menu Logo is different.
-Target Enemies now have a Targeting Cursor over them to make them easier to distinguish between normal enemies.
-The action is slightly zoomed in. (According to online sources, I have yet to notice it...)
-Selecting an option in the Pause Menu must be done by pressing Start now. A does nothing.
-There is now a "flash" on Bangai-O's gun when he shoots Normal Shots.
-The Homing + Bounce MIX'd missile now displays the appearance of the Bounce Missile instead of the Homing Missile. A bizzare switch.
-The Homing + Break MIX'd missile now displays the appearance of the Break Missile instead of the Homing Missile. Another bizarre switch.
-After beating a Stage a short animation of Bangai-O flying toward the screen is shown. Similar to the original Bangai-O.
-The Freeze Wave now starts at 1.0 and caps at 3.0. In the Japanese Version it started at 2.0 and capped at 4.0.
-Bangai-O's rate of fire has been increased.
-The Hedgehog Mech has a slightly increased vulnerability period after spin-dashing.
-The Hedgehog Mech's spin-dash speed is slightly slower.
-The Hedgehog Mech's rate of fire has been dramatically increased.
-When standing next to a full or half turret, the missiles sticking out of it will retract.
-There is no music in the Stage Editor. Except for the Test Play Menu.
-The order in which the enemies are lined up in the list of enemies in the Edit Menu is slightly different.
-You are not prompted to name the Stage before entering the Stage Edit Menu.
-There is one new sound effect in the Sound Test, for a total of 117. (I haven't the patience nor attention span to find out which.)
-Explosions from bombs do less damage and no longer trap you inside it like in the Japanese Version, where touching a bomb was almost instant death. This counts for the Cannon Boss's giant missile too.
-The Pachinko Stage has been removed.

13. Other Minor Tidbits...

-All enemies and missiles have a color depicting what kind of Missile property it has.
-MIX'd missiles display the appearance of one missile and the color trail of the other.
-No enemy has a MIX'd weapon.
-Unlike the original Bangai-O, the Core can actually defend itself this time, reflecting all bullets that hit it's reflective casing until you get next to it. This is old news now, but worth mentioning.
-Beat all Treasure's Best Stages and you will be treated to a mini-ending. Where the three characters exchanged some more silly dialogue. This can be watched again by beating Tutorial Stage 17 and skipping the Credits.
-There's a new Zoomed In resolution in that there US Version...somewhere...

Thanks to Enkimaru and a few other users for helping me find changes in the US Version.
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8 years ago#8
Done. Request for Sticky.
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I plays a meeeean Lucas. My second and third are Weegee and Oldmanondorf.
8 years ago#9
Good work man, very thorough.
8 years ago#10
Alright requested sticky, unfornately I'm having issues with downloading your levels eskimo! I downloaded 138hpl's levels in one shot, I adjust the volume and everything it keeps stopping at 99% and says I need a quieter place WTH. I know it been confirmed with JPN to NA downloading but maybe it not 100%.
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